Aging is the process of growing old and seeing biological as well as psychological changes take place. Women can often get paranoid thinking about them or experiencing these changes and often perceive aging as a scare. If you’re worried about aging, its symptoms and are already thinking about anti – aging treatments and need to know more about it, read on.

Aging Symptoms

Symptoms of aging can often involve menopause, changes in your skin tone, premature graying of hair, getting spectacles for reading, increase in hair fall, etc. You may even feel tired more easily and lack energy on the constant. Women can also experience loss of sex drive or vaginal changes. Do not worry yourself down, instead seek a doctor’s advice and take the necessary measures. Some degenerative symptoms of aging can also involve osteoporosis, arthritis, cataract, loss of hearing, breast cancer etc. This is not to say that you will for sure get something. Concentrate on your diet and health and you will have no problems.

Still worrying? It’s natural if you go looking for anti aging treatments but make sure you know about every option before you try it.

  • Take Vitamin C and E supplements – Vitamin C helps in producing collagen and adrenal hormones. It is also necessary for healing of wounds, keeping bones and teeth health, cartilages, and immunity which are important as while aging a lot of women are prone to osteoporosis.
  • Vitamin E supplements are must for those women whose diet lacks in leafy vegetable, nuts, whole grain foods, eggs. It is a fat soluble vitamin and protects the body and DNA from unnecessary damage.
  • If you feel that you need  a makeover just because you are aging or it is weighing down on your self-esteem, there are along treatments that can make you look younger. You can try Cosmetic surgery, Cellulite removal, Face lifts, Breast uplifting or even Botox. All you need to do is find a good clinic and think it through rather than repent later.

Natural Anti-Aging Remedies

For those who think going under the knife or painful needles is not their thing, try a few Natural Anti Aging Remedies. Avoid wasting money on bizarre anti aging remedies. Instead us natural homemade remedies that work wonders for aging skin and wrinkles and leave you looking younger.

  1. As you grow older, you will experience your skin becoming drier. Use avocado, either sliced or squeeze the pulp out to apply on your face. The oily properties of avocado will rejuvenate your skin giving it a younger look.
  2. Make a paste of sugar cane juice with turmeric powder and apply to your face. It is known to be effective on reducing wrinkles and lines.
  3. Raw tomatoes and lemon rubbed on the face can reduce pigmentation and make dark spots and marks vanish.
  4. Use a simple mix of lime juice, glycerin and rose water to apply to your face and wipe off and go to sleep. This remedy is said to effective over time and acts as a very good anti aging face pack.
  5. Lastly, aging is a phenomena where a lot of the body is dehydrated, hence the dry skin. Drink loads of water for the body to stay hydrated from inside.

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