Plastic surgery is not nearly as taboo as it used to be. There is a huge boom in the popularity of fillers, botox, and other procedures amongst celebrities. While one shouldn’t always follow celebrity trends, they do bring plastic surgery into the mainstream. It’s no longer frowned upon or something to hide.

Rhinoplasty is one of the more popular procedures. The minimally invasive surgery is used to correct both medical issues and aesthetic ones. If you’re considering the procedure, get help from a prominent rhinoplasty surgeon.

The surgeon can help answer any questions or concerns you may have about the surgery. They can also advise you on what to expect after the procedure.

Rhinoplasty Surgery is Extremely Common

Rhinoplasty is a common and simple procedure. However, as with most plastic surgeries, the results won’t be immediate. The American Association of Plastic Surgeons cautions patients that it may take a year before the effects are visible.

In fact, regardless of the reason for the surgery, your nose will be swollen for a few weeks after surgery. While many people get ‘nose jobs’ because they are unhappy with their appearance, the surgery can have medical benefits, as well.

10 Reasons People Get Rhinoplasty

There isn’t just one reason why people choose to get a rhinoplasty. The reasons can be medical in nature or simply esthetic. 10 of the most common reasons for nose surgery include:

1. Broken nose or other nose injuries.

A broken nose can need a rhinoplasty to heal correctly.

2. Improving self-esteem.

Some people feel insecure about their noses, resulting in low self-esteem.

3. Correcting breathing issues.

One of the most common reasons for rhinoplasty is a deviated septum that causes difficulty breathing.

4. Removing a bump from the nose.

Singer Barbra Streisand famously has a bump on her nose that she’s chosen not to correct with surgery. Other people aren’t so willing to live with their nose bumps.

5. Decreasing the size of nostrils.

Some people may not like the width of their nostrils.

6. Balancing facial features.

The shape of the nose can throw off the symmetry of the face. Rhinoplasty can help balance the face.

7. Aligning a crooked nose.

A childhood injury is one of many examples of why a nose may be crooked.

8. Reducing the nose’s prominence.

The large nose can cause self-consciousness.

9. Correcting a nose deformity.

A nose deformity can occur for many reasons, including during birth.

10. Enhancing the overall appearance.

Everyone has one target area of their body that they hate. For some, it’s their nose.

There are no wrong reasons why someone might opt for a nose job. An experienced surgeon will consult with their patients before the surgery to find out why they want the rhinoplasty. However, they will also warn patients to keep their expectations realistic.

A nose job won’t transplant a new nose on the patient’s face. The surgeon can only work with what is already there.

If you decide that you want a rhinoplasty, contact a professional plastic surgeon. They will walk you through the process.