Owning your first apartment or home can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. One upside is that you get to select your furniture, artwork, and décor, providing an amazing outlet to express yourself.

Unfortunately, furnishing your home could turn costly fast, possibly going beyond your budget. Here are a few ways you can immensely reduce your furnishing costs:

1. Visit thrift stores

At thrift stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army, you can often get high-quality products at a lower price. At thrift stores, you can get furniture like dining room sets, coffee tables, cupboards, and curtains, at great deals.

As most people selling to these stores are looking to de-clutter their homes, they sell their household items to these stores at extremely low prices. If you are willing to visit various stores, you are likely to get great purchases.

2. Go to a yard or estate sale

You could also save on costs by looking up yard sales in your estate or area. These sales are often advertised in online forums or local newspapers. People looking to get rid of their household items will sell them for dirt-cheap. In such sales, you are likely to get hold of things like kitchenware, curtains and blinds, beds, cupboards, and old sofas.

3. Seasonal sales

Exploiting seasonal sales can also save you a hefty amount of cash. To save on electronics, you can target sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Studies show that the best time to buy electronics runs from October and November.

As most companies bring out their new products during this time for Christmas shopping, they often offer great discounts on the previous year’s products. Stores often want to encourage spending in January by offering deep discounts on their furniture and appliances as well.

As various stores also offer sales during other holidays, you should keep abreast of sales in your local stores where you can acquire household items at a lower price. One such example is the Labor Day sale of the California king mattress at a great discount.

4. Take advantage of discounted gift cards

Several furniture stores and department stores give their customers the option of buying gift cards at discount prices. A discounted card of 55% could, for instance, allow you to purchase a $100 gift card for just $45 and make purchases worth $100.

5. Go to factory furniture retailers

Before going to your local furniture retail store, you can look up furniture factory shops found near you. Because the manufacturers sell the furniture on-site, there are no added transportation and showroom costs linked to the product. As different factories specialize in varying products like office furniture, or sofas, it would be important to obtain information on the kind of furniture to expect, and if it suits your needs.

6. Use online resources

Social media sites can let you know when people in your area are selling their items. Many people peddling their furniture online can even give it to you free, as long as you arrange for the transportation of your purchase. Checking Facebook and Freecycle could lead you to free items that are in generally good shape. Shopping online can also allow you to compare the best prices before deciding on your purchase.

Which Items Should You Not Buy Cheap?

Although the goal is to get the best deals, there are some items you shouldn’t buy cheap.


Purchasing electronics like TVs and game consoles cheaply, especially at yard sales, is not advisable. In case anything goes wrong with the product, the seller will probably claim it was in perfect working condition when they sold it to you.


Purchasing a used mattress could be harmful to your health. Cheap mattresses could also lead to muscle and joint pain due to the low-quality materials used to make them.

How to Know Which Furniture Would Suit Your Home

Settling for your household items could become overwhelming, given the great variety available to you. It is essential to have an idea or list of the items you want to purchase while prioritizing your needs over wants.

Using the tips mentioned above could greatly minimize your expenses. To avoid tacky décor, you can look up the current trends in interior design hence keeping your home stylish.