Being a woman is hard. You have to get up early and start styling your hair and putting on makeup just to feel (and look) human. It’s a tough world for a girl. But, you can make sure that your skin is glowing and beautiful without makeup. Wouldn’t it be great to get an extra half hour in bed in the morning? When it comes to looking naturally beautiful, we all have the potential. It’s time to put down that blusher brush and start radiating your natural beauty.

It’s All about SPF

The sun can cause damage to your skin in a number of ways. Aside from wrinkles, fine lines and skin tags you can contract a number of perilous health problems. The solution? SPF. Sunscreen should be applied in the winter too. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that there isn’t the sun! You need to make sure that you are applying SPF to your skin. Not only will your skin look more radiant, but you will protect your body from harm.

Letting Go Of Caffeine

Caffeine has a severe impact on our skin. It can increase puffiness and redness within your face. So, make sure that you are guzzling hot water and lemon. Green teas and herbal teas are great too. Not only will you purify your body of toxins, but blemishes will be cleared up too. If you have more problematic skin blemishes, such as skin tags you can read a wide number of reviews on Revitol Skin Tag Remover. This can be a great way of making sure that you are ditching concealer and unleashing your make-up free beauty. Clear skin is the solution to going makeup free!


Scrub is one of the best things you can apply to your face. The winter can cause our skin to dry out and leave flaky residue behind. Scrub can ensure that your skin is smooth and toned. So, implement this into your weekly regimen and have glowing skin all year round.

Monthly Beauty Treatments

Indulging in monthly beauty treatments is a great way of making sure that you look stunning without makeup. Facials and treatments can pump up the skin in your face. This can increase the elasticity and give you a more youthful glow. But, you can also look at eyebrow and eyelash tinting options too. Your beauty therapist can apply these so that you look like you’re wearing makeup. Your eyes will look more alert, and the natural shape of your eyebrow will be enhanced. Your eyebrows make all of the difference in your face. Make sure that you are maximizing your brow potential.

Going For the Natural Look

Going for a natural look doesn’t mean that you have to omit a beauty regime. You can use lotions, creams and eye soothing treatments to make sure that you look perky and alert. Making your eyes look dazzling is the key to going naked (on your face, at least). Make sure that you use cucumber, cold tea bags and other soothing treatments to reduce puffiness. You’ll be make-up free in no time.