When visiting a salon, there are a number of things that you should take in to account before trusting the staff with any activity like the salon hygiene and safety. Many a times a beauty treatment can turn into a ghastly rash.

Hygiene is one factor you must not compromise on. With salons coming up in every alley or on every street, you must make sure you pick one that is a little up market for your own safety.

Read the points mentioned below which you must consider or else you can have a beauty activity turn into a disaster.

Hygiene & Health

When you enter a salon notice the surroundings, what tools are used, whether things are sterilized, combs are washed, towels & beds are clean, etc. We are sure everyone understands the importance of hygiene. Many a times hairdressers use the same comb again and again on different customers and continue for the appointment even if a customer has lice. You do not want lice as a bonus after a fabulous haircut. Keep the salon hygiene is mind before you go ahead with an appointment.

License to Practice

Look for the license of the salon. Normally every salon makes sure to make their license public to keep their customers’ trust. A license guarantees that the person is equipped to run the places and can be legally held for any damage or unjust practices performed.

Sanitation Provisions

Make sure the salon hygiene factor incorporates proper sanitary provisions by providing proper shower rooms or bathrooms for the staff as well as customers. A lot of health problems stem from bad sanitary means and can be a put off for the customers on the salon front. Go to a salon which ensures clean bathrooms and disinfectant treated tools to avoid any infections.

Staff & Procedures

If you’ve visited a salon many a times, you already know how things are done – a wax, a pedicure, a haircut, a bleach etc. A top notch or mid range salon will not risk their reputation by hiring someone who does not know their job. Ask for an experienced person to handle your appointment and anytime you feel the person is taking shortcuts or doing something that can harm you, call for someone else to attend or walk out. Your safety is of more concern than anything else.


Down market salons do resort to all kinds of cheap activities to make more money. Though a lot of salons will swear by their selves to say they do not do this kind of thing but there is always a salon out there who will act outrageously. Talking about safety, this is also one of the things you should keep and take care of. Hidden cameras are a growing trend and can capture customers changing or showing or while their appointments. Look for any weird objects or pin size holes with cameras. If you find something suspicious we suggest you report it.

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