body odor

For women who are now reading this article, you know quite well how body odor can make you shy away from various gatherings or parties. You don’t want to be labeled as the person whose body ‘stinks’, neither do you want someone making a polite excuse to just exit your presence. So you have tried a 100 different deodorants and perfumes to smell better?

Get Rid Of Body Odor

How about we say you don’t need them at all. There are reasons why your body emits foul smell. With a few natural remedies and habits inculcated in your routine, you won’t have to worry about body odor any longer.

Some of the reasons why you might be facing body odor is if you’re one of those people who sweat a lot. In this case you will need to shower twice a day. Well it sounds painful alright but at least you won’t face the embarrassment of someone telling you that you stink. Most of the time, either we don’t take a bath properly or it’s our eating habits that make the body sweat toxins out. Use an antibacterial soap and soap your armpits properly.

Other parts of the body that may also emit foul odor if not cleaned properly like your feet and your genitals. Socks and undergarments hug your respective body part all the time and since they from blocked from air; the sweat and smell stay restricted to those areas. Hence when you don’t clean them properly when showering, they continue to smell foul.

Most of times people don’t really get that even the kind of food you consume can add to body odor. Oily, fatty foods, fried, meats and alcohol increase the toxins and result in body odor when sweating. Drink lots of water. It is one way of reducing the amount of toxins in your body. Eat leafy green vegetables as they do not contribute toxins and are also healthy. It’s a little tough to watch over food but do so and the reward will be stink – free.

Body Odor Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies are also quite effective when it comes to getting rid of body odor.

Apple Cider Vinegar is quite effective and easy to see. Soak a small cloth in the liquid and rub your armpits with it. This potion contains low ph levels and will make your armpits clean and will prevent any further bacterial development.

Limes as well as lemon both are popularly used citrus flavors even in deodorants. Cut a slice of any of the two and rub in your armpits to get rid of bacteria resident. It will also take care of the body odor by leaving behind its citrus fragrance.

You can also use baking soda by mixing it with water to make a paste and it will absorb any foul smell from your armpits.

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