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Beauty Hair Care Top 7 Hair Color Makeover Ideas

Thinking of giving your hairs a new makeover? Why not try different hair colors as worn by different celebrities and give your hair a complete makeover. Following are Hairstyles & Trends for 2013 to help you choose the right hair color for every occasion. Keep in mind the it’s not mandatory to try a completely different hair pattern, instead choose which suits you best.

Dark and Daring


Dark hair are now in trend, but be very careful with dark colors as it might give you an unnatural look. Do not use black, ” blue/black,” and “brown/black dark shades. In case you want to try it yourself go for “deep brown” and “rich brown” color kit, these are awesome hair spa at home.

Brunette Bombshell

jennifer-lopez-Brunette Bombshell

Give your brunette hair color a new look by mixing rich, chocolate brown hair with golden strands woven in toward the ends. Although the golden strands will not be appear strongly but will give your hair a multidimensional look. In case you want to try it yourself go for “rich, chocolate brown with golden tones” color kit.

Strawberry Gold Hair Color


Give your strawberry-colored strands a stylish and deeper look by adding golden red hue to your hair. In case you want to try it yourself go for “golden red” or “rich, golden strawberry” color kit.

Buttery Blonde


Buttery blonde will lighten your natural blonde giving your hairs a light buttery tones. Wana try? Simply go for “honey blonde” or “light buttery blonde” color kit.

Cool Chestnut

-chestnut-brown- hair

In case you love being a brunette but willing to get a hair makeover, jut try a light chestnut brown for the desired look. In case you want to try it yourself go for “light chestnut brown” or “medium brown with golden tones”color

Hair Like Honey


Go get a deeper blonde look, give a tiny shadow of the color on your hair roots. This will darken the look of your hair. In case you want to try it yourself go for “medium honey blonde” color kit.

Brown with Accents


If you look brown go for part brown and part auburn hair color to give yourself a deep brown hue with a reddish cast. In case you want to try it yourself go for “deep brown/auburn” or “dark auburn” color kit.

I hope these celebrity hair color, hair style trends will give you enough inspiration, now all you have to do is choose the hair color you want and buy the color kit to give your hairs a new makeover. Best thing is you can try different hair color trends per season. We would love to hear your experiences of using hair colors for a makeover. Please leave us a comment and share your ideas with us.

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