Hair Straightening

In today’s life it is important that everyone have to do various exercises to keep their every part of the body healthier. People must do different exercises like weight loss exercises, body building exercises, eye exercises and also mental exercises to have healthy life. Here in this article I am going say some information about how to straighten your hair.

With the growing demand to make your hair look more trendy and beautiful many new hair care techniques are coming into fashion day after day. Coloring, straightening are a few latest techniques which are available for women hair care. Sleek straight hairs are in fashion highlights these days; apart from that straight hair looks beautiful and also they are easy to manage.

You can straighten your hair temporarily or permanently depending on your requirement.  Chemicals are used to permanently straighten your hair which should be done very carefully or better be done at beauty parlor.

12 Hair Straightening Tips To Try At Home

If you want to straighten your hair at home blow dryers or hair straightening irons are the most popular tools which will give your hair a silky and smooth finish. Follow these easy steps to get that perfect look of straight hairs:

  1. Wash your hair as you would normally do.
  2. Apply conditioner so that your hair becomes manageable and they shine.
  3. Dry up your hair using a towel but gently.
  4. Apply some hair serum to protect your hair from the effects of strengtheners and dryers.
  5. Apply hair styling gel or cream to keep your hair in place.
  6. Apply the hair straightening product that you want to use, evenly to your hair.
  7. Section your hair. Leave the last section and tie up all other sections.
  8. Take one small section at a time and start blow drying that section using a brush and making it move from the top to bottom.
  9. Once this section becomes straight as you want it, open up the next section and repeat the same process. Keep moving until all sections are straightened
  10. If you want a more professional look you can use flat hair straightening iron instead of blow dryer. For this, section your hair in the same way, take one section at a time and place it in the flat iron until you get the desired straight hair look.
  11. You should keep in mind not to spend too much time blow drying or ironing one area as it would damage your hair.
  12. Rollers are another most common tool to straighten your hair. Hold your hair straight and start putting the rollers at the end. Blow dry for better results.

Keep these easy steps in mind and you can get those gorgeous looking saloon like straight hair at home.