Millions of people still read their horoscopes every single day. And believe it or not, astrology is incredibly accurate.

What does your zodiac sign say about you? Astrology has been around for thousands of years and offers stunning insight into who we are and the way we behave.

Your zodiac sign is also very predictive of personality traits. This includes everything from the type of work you’re interested in, the kind of people you’re attracted to, and even your personal sense of style.

This article takes a look at how the calendar date you were born on directly influences your star sign style. Keep reading to discover some fascinating facts about zodiac fashion and how it can help you know how to dress to match you personally.


Capricorns have a sophisticated taste that’s cozy and comfortable. Their style preferences evolve each year, but their love of simple yet sophisticated pieces never fades away. They love to get dressed up, but comfort is always their top priority.


An Aquarius is progressive and original, with an independent spirit and intellectual mind that is reflected in everything in their closet.

An Aquarius is passionate about fighting for what they believe in and spending time with friends, and their style tells you they are always up for deep intellectual conversation.

They never hesitate to be experimental with clothing selections, including a special affinity for bold colors and prints.


When you meet a Pisces, you are meeting an artistic, compassionate, gentle, and intuitive soul. Their style qualities include a love of gem-tones and comfortable favorites that are perfect for a long walk or relaxing at home.

They can be trendy and rebellious, drawn to pieces that are both sexy and whimsical, yet somewhat subdued.


Look in the closet of an Aries and you’ll typically find plenty of leisurewear alongside power suits.

They have a flair for creating a seamless look that works equally well for the office or out on the town for a romantic rendezvous. An Aries is determined, confident, and ultra optimistic, characteristics that are totally reflected in their fashion choices.


One thing that must be said of a Taurus, they are definitely not afraid to stand out from the crowd. If you know a Taurus, you’re familiar with their tendency to be fashion-forward and their love of making a style statement.

They are pragmatic and patient, with a love of quality clothes that serve both form and function.

Those born under this zodiac sign will shine with bold styles whether out with friends or surviving the 9-to-5 rat race.


The Gemini in your life reaps major rewards for constantly taking fashion risks. You won’t find a wallflower among them.

Though a Gemini can be gentle and affectionate, they also love to exchange ideas and rarely wear the same thing twice. They are apt to stay on-trend yet constantly switch things up to keep life interesting.


What kind of style does a Cancer prefer? They will never miss an opportunity to dress up without being stuffy.

A Cancer relies on timeless classics that result in an elevated and elegant style that makes them stand out regardless of who they’re with or where they are.

They are known for their fierce loyalty, persuasiveness and sharp imagination, which produces a look that is as sophisticated as it is irresistibly cool.


Are you friends with a Leo? Then you already fully understand how fearless and creative they are. Talk about passion! Talk about a zest for life! Leos have these qualities in spades!

When it comes to fashion, a Leo will always trust their gut over the opinions of others and is widely admired for her bold choice of vibrant hues, bright colors, and fiery exuberance.

Because of her fierce independent streak, don’t expect a Leo to ever chase the latest trends. After all, she treasures her individuality and is happy to always blaze her own path.


A proud Virgo always dresses like a lady. Her fashion choices perfectly reflect her femininity, and though she loves outfits that are ladylike and functional, her ensemble is never over the top.

The Virgo in your circle of friends might remind you of a character from a Wes Anderson movie. Think tailored pieces that make her a chameleon of casual style.

A Virgo is kind and hardworking, analytical yet practical. She gravitates to healthy food, cleanliness, and nature.

This is a woman who loves a classic look that’s restrained and grown-up, with tailored silhouettes that feature pops of color that tells the world to “look at me” without shouting for attention.

If you’re needing guidance for making better decisions, ask astrology for insight into your future.


A Libra always appreciates a timeless style with a modern twist. In fact, she loves living on the edge.

If you’re a Libra, we know that you aren’t afraid to visit the darker side of your ensemble for pieces that reflect your adventurous nature. Embrace those blacks, grays and navy tones, while taking advantage of the way you look in edgy accents like leather, studs, and metallic trims.


Let’s admit it, a Sagittarius is a bit of a goofball. She’s willing to push fashion boundaries to create a look that mirrors her timeless femininity.

This girl is generous, with a great sense of humor, and she’s far from stuffy. We’d describe her as polished but not prim, with a flair for bold colors that offer her clean, feminine silhouettes.


Scorpios are a mysterious bunch. They have a knack for looking put-together regardless of the time of day.

A Scorpio is known for having a signature outfit, and when she loves something, she has to have it in every color.

Anyone born under this zodiac sign is blessed with a brave and mysterious spirit and an effortless charm the pants off of anyone in the room.

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