The place where you create memories; the place where you feel most comfortable; the place where you can easily find happiness should be your home. It does not only serve as a structure for protection and living space but it is also the reflection of one’s self. If there is any property we need to treasure in our life, it could very well be our houses. A few small improvements can keep your home looking and feeling fresh.

Completing small home improvements will make you feel accomplished and it can also help you increase the value of the property. Apart from the mentioned benefit above, a customized, fixed and renovated house can improve its beauty and functionality which in turn can make you happy.

Here are some small things you can do to improve your home.


Repainting your house can instantly make it feel brand new. It gives the facelift it needs and a splash of color makes it come alive. According to reports, in order to paint an entire house, you need around $1,700 to $2,500. The price may be steep for some, but you don’t actually need to paint the whole household. As simple as repainting a specific wall to create an accent wall will be enough to give your place a new look.

Having a freshly painted house also makes your place look bigger, brighter, and cleaner. Just remember to paint areas in your house that are susceptible to mold like crown molding and trim and to make things extra clean looking.

Fix Your Landscape

There is no need for you to study horticulture nor the expertise of a landscape artist. Improving the landscape of your backyard or front yard can be an easy endeavor. As simple as regularly weeding and trimming can greatly improve the appearance of your yard. If gardening is too much for you, you can just put potted plants in the area. Choose the plants that add color and vibrancy to your yard and at the very least water them regularly.

Make Needed Repairs

Scan a room of your house and look for the items, whether its electronics, furniture or fixtures, that may need repairs. Maybe your couch needs cleaned or your dining table needs to be refurbished. A small fix up can instantly make these item looking new and pleasant.

Repairs are not about fixing what is broken, it should be used for proper maintenance especially in your appliances. Properly and regularly maintained electronics like refrigerators, washers, dryers, cooking range, oven, and air conditioners will help them last longer and stay energy efficient.

Update Your Windows

Windows are considered the eyes of the house. It may be something taken for granted, but it also serves not only the purpose of ventilation and natural lighting but it also serves as a décor. A clean and updated window can make your house looking nice and inviting, especially from the outside perspective.

The window design should be able to compliment the overall look of the house. If you don’t have the time and money for this; what you can do is at least make sure it is always sparklingly clean.

Organize and declutter

This may not sound like a home improvement but it is actually a form of it because it creates additional space and allows smooth movement in the house. Organizing your stuff whether it’s your closet, kitchen, bedroom or just the position of your furniture makes a great difference in terms of space, storage, and atmosphere. Think of it as like cleaning, but you don’t just generally throw stuff away but put them in the most efficient place at home.