The concept of a “selfie” has been around since the invention of the camera.  Only recently have we dubbed it a name.  However, with the development of smartphones with front-facing cameras, it’s becoming more and more standard to post self-portraits of yourself.

You may look around and wonder, “How does everyone else look so great and I have 5 double chins and look like a shiny lightbulb!?”  Try these insider secrets that when applied, can make you look fabulous in all your selfies.

Find Your Light

Find a source of light that illuminates your face in all the right places.  If you are lit from below it could accentuate the bottom of your chin and make you look gaunt if you have slim features, or possibly heavier if you have a round face.

By finding a light that hits your face directly, you ensure that your features are clear, not blurry, creating a more beautiful look.   Careful not to light your face too heavily, however, or you could risk your skin looking oily.

If you are lit from behind you risk becoming only a silhouette which doesn’t show your face at all.  Balance is key!

Choose a Solid Background

Choose a background that isn’t too busy or patterned so that the main focus of the image is your face.  By drawing the attention of the center of the photo as the main detail, you ensure the focus stays on your lovely smile.

Solid white is great if you are wearing a colored top or want the color of your eyes or hair to pop.  Conversely, if you choose a colorful background, neutral colored clothing and makeup looks best.

Angle Your Camera

When taking your selfie, angle your arm just slightly above your forehead so that the camera is looking down on you.  This way, your features appear more angular and can take at least 10 pounds off.

Selfie sticks are a great tool for taking a selfie if you don’t want your arm in the shot.  They have selfie sticks that have a shutter button so you can take the photo with your arm extended.

Use a Filter

Using a filter is one of the best things you can do to improve your selfie game.  Download one of the many offered free applications for your smartphone.  Or for even as low as 99 cents you can find some filters that are truly of professional quality.

Choose a filter that balances your skin tone, and makes you look bright and your skin smoothed.  Be aware of “over-filtering” yourself, however.  This is frowned upon, as it can make you look fake.

When choosing a photo filter, opt for something that enhances your natural features and still leaves you resembling what you look like in real life.