womens trainers Envisage Running

Think of trainers and you’ll probably envisage running, training at the gym or walking with a bit of power behind you. But think of sporty trainers as a fashionable footwear item and you’ll probably start to picture tracksuit and peaked cap-wearing undesirables; but it’s not always been like that and thanks to the return of a much-loved style, its old school appeal has made wearing women’s trainers for fashion something of a must once again.

We’ve got Nike to thank for the return of women’s trainers as a fashionable option and their iconic style – the Nike Air Max – is the ring leader in this reinvention of the retro. It’s easy to see why when you look at their style; unchanged over the years but with more color combinations making them versatile and perfect for everything from casual denims to adding a comfortable edge to the more formal attire in your wardrobe.

Since their welcome addition to the fitness footwear market back in the 90’s the Nike Air Max women’s trainers have been some of the best selling from the brand as well as the most sought after, and that’s thanks to their features. Comfortable enough to wear all day and available in all kinds of colors, they’re perfect for wearing with just about everything you own.

The air bubble in the sole of the shoe is not only functional but it’s an eye-catcher and one of the biggest selling points when they first came onto the market. Today the style is the same and you don’t lose the best bits from the earlier designs which is great for fashionistas wanting a true retro set of trainers without having to pay stupid money for an older pair that are no longer being made anymore.

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