Those into golf know the importance of nice pair of golf shoes and its impact on their balanced game. Typically golf shoes are worn on the fields which have sharp spikes to give proper balance and stand tall while taking a shot. In order to achieve maximum traction (major thing for greater control) these shoes are designed to enhance balance and power required to play a nice game.

Most of the PGA shoe manufacturers try to give extreme comfort by providing enhanced traction, balance thus creating more power for golf. These shoes are also designed to take away any pain, injury or any sort of deformity. Golfer around the world comes into game at later stages of the game where they are old enough to have problems like weak knees, weak hips any other health related problems. These issues are the major driving factor for golf shoe manufacturers.

No wonder these golf shoes are of the best designed shoes for game which protects against stress that may cause during the game. Golf game is considered as Gentlemen’s game which doesn’t require a golfer to jump and feel hard landing impacts but it still requires a golfer to walk a lot on green grass turf. Sometimes, the grass turf or sand pits are not even which can cause stress on golfer’s feets. This problem is tackled in the golf shoes

However, golf shoes are expensive in nature as lot of cushion, high quality spikes and other safety measures followed in the shoes makes their price range high but considering the amount of security and safety these shoes are best bet for the game of golf.

Nike, Adidas, Eaton are the big name in golf shoes which are really good & elegant in design and comes loaded with safety features.

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