The process of designing garments can be daunting, with long hours of hard work. Sampling is just a small way to make a big difference. Before you get factories to officially produce your apparel, you need to provide samples to replicate. These ensure that the bulk production has the right patterns, stitches, material, and cuts. You will need to aim for multiple samples of different designs, including tech packs, fabrics, and sketches for the best results, say experts at Private Label Apparel, a leading wholesale women’s clothing manufacturer.

If you are a beginner, looking to create your first-ever sample, here’s how to go about it.

The Right Company

After you are sure of the style you want to create, get in touch with established custom clothing manufacturers. You simply have to add the details of your samples by selecting from dropdown menus on their website. Make sure they let you order more than one sample of your own design. Also, the minimum order requirement should not be more than 50 pieces per style or wash. Professionals should be able to create a pattern, attach the braided trim, and provide the right fabric composition.

Clear Product Idea

Before contacting any clothing manufacturers, be sure about the final product. The cheapest way is to draw your ideas on paper first. Keep in mind the crucial deciding factors, such as materials, measurement charts, zig-zag patterns, various stitches, and your budget. Get in touch with pattern makers and technical designers to discuss the nitty-gritty of your project. They will help breathe life into your designs. Bulk clothing distributors & suppliers will then deliver the samples within 3 to 5 weeks, at the most.

The Correct Fabric

Organizing and choosing the right fabric is crucial for any fashion clothing. The drape, stretch, and thickness of your garment will completely depend on the material you use. The experience of wearing a garment is marked by the fabric used. Also, make sure your stitches and patterns are suitable to be created in particular fabrics. Therefore, before giving it for a production run, try to research the fabric and the overall climate of the area. For example, for most of the USA, summers can get really hot. So, avoid non-breathable fabrics, for ultimate comfort.

Measurement Table

All sampling companies are dedicated to producing the best clothing for boutique owners. To ease their work and avoid errors, having a measurement chart is extremely important. You will have to provide the right bust size, sleeve length, and neckline, depending on the country you are selling to. For example, a medium-size in the United States could be the same as a large size in Asia. So, before moving on to production, finalize the sizes accordingly.

With a reliable manufacturing company, you can expect perfect samples. Test the fit well on real models, instead of on mannequins. Get in touch with the sampler in case anything is not aligned with your idea. Keep trying until you receive the best product for the bulk creation.