Jewelry, whether costume or precious, says a lot about our style and how we define ourselves. Jewelry can alter any outfit, taking a plain T-shirt and jeans from casual clothes you’d wear around the house, to a stylish, chic outfit fit for a dinner out. This is why the phrase “it’s all in the details” is such an accurate statement.

Finding a style of jewelry you love will allow you to create your own authentic style. However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on jewelry or submit to every trend that shows up in the magazines. Your style of jewelry can – and should – be just as authentic, unique, and individual as you.

If you’re still feeling lost in a sea of suggestions when it comes to jewelry advice, here are a handful of tricks and tips we rely on to keep ourselves looking stylish and chic, year-round.

1. Embrace the statement piece

Statement jewelry has risen and fallen in popularity over the years, however, it continues to return for one simple reason: it works.

One standout piece – be it a dramatic, drop pendant necklace, a pair of stunning earrings, or diamond rings for women – says everything it needs to about your style. Keep in mind, the statement means one. Don’t crowd it out or make it fight for attention. On that note…

2. Keep it simple

These dramatic pieces also lend themselves to simplicity. This can mean minimalistic jewelry with a simple medallion or colour-intensive gem, or a dramatic piece that captures the eye–whichever one you choose, make sure it makes an impression.

3. Look for versatility

We love pieces that can do double-duty. Long necklaces that can be worn looped or worn as a choker, or layered necklaces that can be separated into different pieces all permit you to keep your jewelry box simple and timeless, while still getting different looks from a few pieces.

4. See what draws the eye

If you want to see which piece of jewelry suits you best, wait to see which piece of wins you the most compliments. If your co-workers or friends or even strangers compliment a piece, then endeavour to wear it more often. Your jewelry should catch the eye and elicit compliments, so don’t shy away from that. If you find yourself complimenting a piece, remember it for when you next go shopping.

5. Wear what you love

When it comes to jewelry, respect the instinct of love at first sight. If a piece makes you stop and take notice, then buy it and add it to your collection. Sometimes we question the things we like because we’re not sure if they’re in fashion or we let ourselves question how they might look on us, but that initial attraction is very important when it comes to jewelry.

6. Try it before you buy it

Jewelry can look very different on a model or stand than it will on you, which is why we advocate trying on all your jewelry before buying it. Like clothing, it’s important to see how it matches your skin tone and style, and if its the right length and fit, and if it just makes you feel really good.

7. When wearing bracelets: stack or statement

Styling bracelets can be tricky, but we stand by two rules: stack or statement. If your bracelets are thinner, stack them according to metal type. Or, wearing a thick bangle as a statement piece. While we have some people successfully do both at once, we often find that it can look overwhelming. Pro tip: if you’re somewhere quiet like a library or at work, remove your bracelets before sitting down so they don’t jangle.

8. Don’t feel hemmed in by a watch

Sometimes, people shy away from bracelets because they wear a watch. If your watch is a fashionable piece, coordinate your bracelets to compliment your watch, or wear your bracelets on your other wrist. If your watch is something you feel you cannot coordinate fashionably, ditch it in favour of just your jewelry.

9. For timelessness, go for natural

The most versatile jewelry is one that goes with anything, which is why we suggest purchasing jewelry in golds, silvers and neutral tones like grays, camel, and frosts. Supersaturated colours can be fun for a day, but are more likely to fall out of favour faster.

10. Repair your jewelry

If the piece is expensive or has deep emotional value, then have it repaired. In this day and age, many people toss out broken jewelry, but having it repaired is not as costly as many people think. If you buy your jewelry from local artists, many of them will repair the jewelry for free.

Simpler repairs, like clasp replacement or re-stringing a necklace, can be done at home.

11. Vintage is beautiful

Whether it’s from your grandmother’s jewelry box or from an antique store or a great thrift find, vintage is beautiful. Tons of retro and vintage styles come back into fashion regularly, so it’s a great place to look for statement pieces or unique pieces that will really show off your personal style. You can also find great deals on vintage jewelry at estate sales, antique fairs, and in many thrift shops. 

12. Store your jewelry correctly

Understanding what makes jewelry break down and how to store it is important if you want to preserve it. For example, oxygen makes silver tarnish, which is why it should be kept in airtight storage. This doesn’t need to be fancy and can even be a small Ziploc bag.

Many stones or gems react negatively to exposure to certain chemicals or even metals. So be careful what you’re wearing when you wash dishes or clean your home.

Prevent tangling by storing necklaces in individual bags, or by hanging them on posts so they don’t brush together. When travelling, we suggest investing in a jewelry travel case that will keep your jewelry tidy and won’t risk losing an earring or damaging a piece. If you’re travelling with precious jewelry, keep it on you for safe keeping and don’t put it in your checked luggage.