When you are looking to build a hot new look, you really only need to think of one word – accessories. Whatever you are wearing, the accessories you choose will probably be spotted first. These little add-ons speak volumes about your personality and character, and help complete the look. From jewelry and scarves, to handbags and hats, accessories have the power to make a huge statement about who we are.

Think about nail polish – few people consciously acknowledge it, but we all notice the woman wearing it. Accessories are the same. They polish the look and highlight everything we want the world to know about us. They can make us appear professional, glamorous, playful and even sexy. Accessories really can complete the look, but they take so long to choose and get right.

For a woman, one of the most important accessories is the handbag. They function as far more than just a fashion statement. A handbag is essential for containing and concealing all our tools of womanhood. From makeup and hair brushes, to tampons and cell phones, the trusty handbag secures our entire life. While most have us have moved much of our lives onto a single cell phone, the handbag is still required to carry it safely around in style. Pockets will not do as unsightly bulges around the hips and thighs are the bane of every woman! But the handbag can actually be carried to conceal those lumps and bumps upon our person too.

When you are choosing a handbag for next season, the designer and style are of paramount importance. Of course, it is very helpful when said designer includes little compartments for each item. It is incredibly infuriating to have a bag that everything is thrown into, and nothing can ever be found without a good rummage! It’s also handy to have an element of security to prevent sticky fingers lifting our belongings.

Lots of us buy our bags when we buy shoes, so we can be certain of at least some level of co-ordination. Often, color is enough, but the style of shoes may determine what style of handbag you are looking for. Your coat in winter is also a determining factor but for spring and summer, the coat may not be a factor. Hats too are looking particularly chic this coming season, so spare a thought for your bag’s best buddy.

Other accessories to consider are jewelry and hair dressings. Chunky jewelry with a good jacket or coat looks great, but strappy sandals and summer dresses require something a little more delicate. Think light scarves and gold chains. Charm bracelets have fallen from favor this season as designers have moved toward a simpler, more streamlined look. This cleaner style begs for a great bag to glam up and polish off that look. Wide hair bands and dressings in solid, bold colors are perfect this season, as hair is being worn more up than down again. Try to buy some that match that fabulous new handbag, and away you go.