If you want to enjoy watching your favorite films in your home theater, you need to have good equipment. But aside from the television sets, 3D glasses, and sound systems, another important factor that you need to consider is the overall design of the entire room.

Sure, you may have the biggest 3D TV in the neighborhood, but it is guaranteed that you will not enjoy your viewing experience if the home theater does not look and feel right.

Designing your entertainment room needs a lot of hard work and creativity. But once you pull this one off, you, your friends, and your family will definitely enjoy watching movies or playing console games in your own home. So to help you out, here are some practical tips that you can use when designing your entertaining room.

1. Choose the Right Room

Without a good room, even the latest and most powerful media system will not perform well. To make your experience better, make sure that you are using dark colors on your walls. This will prevent the light from reflecting back on the screen. Use a rectangular room instead of a square one because the former promotes better acoustics.

Avoid using hardwood floors and concrete because their smooth surface will make the sounds bounce off and make you feel like you’re in a basketball court. A carpet, drapes, plush sofas, or any item that can absorb sound should be included in your home theater.

2. Don’t Forget to Add Light

Home theaters are supposed to be dark, just like the ones in the cinemas. However, it does not mean that you should not add a bit of light fixture inside the room. LED lights add a bit of dramatic flair to the overall interior design. Samsung Television sets or even products from LG or Sony can make the dramatic difference in your overall viewing.

Aisle lights will prevent you from groping in the dark. You also need to add back-lights to prevent eyestrain while watching an extremely long movie.

3. Keep the Room Wire Free

The last thing that you want to do is become entangled in a bunch of wires from different AV equipment. Wires are essential for home theater, but they can be a bane to your viewing experience when not managed properly.

Just imagine how these black coils creep on the walls and defile your majestic room! Make sure that these walls are hidden behind walls or cabinets.

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These are just some of the highly recommended design tips that you can follow to make your entertainment room look fabulous. Are there any other tips that you can share? Feel free to visit the comments section below!