Designer handbags are loved by everyone but those who can afford always buy best bags from big names like Louis Vuitton handbags, Armani, Dooney & Bourke and Baggallini. These handbags offer great style and space to carry items which are really important while going out. If you are dating a guy and going out with him quite often then here are the items which you should always keep handy with you. These items are very important to always keep with you in case of some urgency.

Mini perfume: No matter which perfume you choose it’s fragrance with fade away with time. It would be wise to keep little amount of cologne or perfume always with you. You can easily wear it in ladies room to freshen up.

Mobile phone: However it may be considered rude if you take calls and return text message while you are on date. Still, it is very important to keep your mobile phone with you all the time for any urgency. Your folks, friends can call you and inform you about any urgency. Moreover, if your date turn hostile you can always call your people.

Cash, credit card or debit/cash card: It is believed that men will pay the bills but you should always carry your cards with your in case your date runs out of cash or he leaves due to some urgency. You can get back to home if you have money with you. Sometimes, your date may ask you to pay the bill and you should be ready for that.

Mint or chewing gum: In order to refresh your mouth and breath it would be wise to keep mint or chewing gum in your handbag. It will save you from embarrassment of talking with him after dinner.

Jacket or sweater: Evening and nights get chilly without proper notice so it would be a good idea if you keep your jacket or sweater with you in handbag. Your date may offer you his jacket but what if he is not wearing that day.

Emergency Girl Stuff: It is better safe than sorry, you can’t guarantee when you get intimate with a man so always keep your emergency stuff with you. Gone are the days when women were shy to keep such things in their bag but these things are vital in today’s relationships.

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