Fashion enthusiasts buy designer handbags at very high price because of handbags quality, style and brand name. This has led to an era where lots of faux and replica handbags are floating in the market. Fashion industry is trying to fight hard but their efforts are going into vain. Popular handbags of Gucci, Bagallini, Louis Vuitton and Armai are in huge demand and those who can’t afford them due to high cost always go for replica handbags which look exactly the same but made up of cheap material to minimize the cost. If you are paying huge sum to buy a authentic designer handbags how will you determine whether the handbags is authentic or just a fake replica?

However, there is very little you can do to spot the originality of such designer handbags but there few features which distinguish from faux or replica handbags from authentic designer handbags.

  1. Cost of authentic handbags is much more than the replica handbags. Nobody can offer you Gucci handbags for $40 so this cost factor is the main thing in determining authenticity. Material used in the authentic bags is very good. Most of the stitches are very neatly sewed up and the logo is generally engraved and not printed.
  2. You will hardly find any scratches on the hardware. If you look at the hardware you will find a plastic cover over all hardware. This is also a factor to look for.
  3. Designer handbags always come with authenticity card which has the manufacturer’s logo of the product you intend to buy.
  4. You will find a serial number over these designer handbags on most of the big series. If you look at the inside you will see a serial number printed on the pocket.
  5. You will also see serial number printed on the fabric also but not in many designer handbags.
  6. Evaluate the fabric used for designer handbags. Typically, fake replicas can be detected merely by a touch but it’s not something you should rely on.

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