All women have a weakness, the wallets, yes, once we fall in love with one we can no longer stop, is like a vice, men if they did not know now they know, women love bags, but in this ‘crazy love’ not everything is rosy, in opportunities we have to face difficult challenges, the main has to do with our economy.

We all know that handbags are not cheap, but a light of hope comes into our lives when we see offers on the Internet or with some acquaintance, but will those bags be authentic?

Many times we have had the same doubt, so today we’ll give you 7 tips to distinguish between an original wallet and a good quality imitation, pay close attention and do not let you get ripped off.

#1 The details:

It is not easy to distinguish between an original bag and an imitation, the breaking point is in the details, take out your magnifying glass and watch carefully the seams, there should be no threads or imperfections. The original products of well-known brands are usually handmade, so they take care of these details to the millimeter. In other words, there are no production defects.

#2 Closures:

Closures and zippers are usually the quality guarantee of big brands and therefore look perfect, they do not itch or peel.

#3 Material:

According to Luxurytastic replica handbags The paint with which the wallet has been elaborated is always homogeneous in the authentic versions, on the contrary in the imitations it can show visible wears or drains. Also, remember that the original bags are flexible and are restored immediately, and are almost never made with thick, rigid skin, which is usually used is thin material and good quality.

#4 Brand name:

The brand name must be the same as in the original logo, without imperfections, with the same letter and without errors.

#5 Serial number:

Pay attention to the serial number of the bag, this is the most important sign of authenticity. In the imitations the stamps are simply stuck, but in the originals they are placed in such a way that it is impossible to remove or damage them.

#6 Packing:

Authentic bags come in expensive packaging of very good quality, without any imperfection, stains or alterations. Everything is well packaged and as a perfect set, the accessories are never sold separately.

#7 Characteristics of the brand:

A great tip is to take a few minutes to search the internet for some special details of the brand before buying the bag.  Great brands always have features that make them original. Prada bags, for example, never have a contrasting color lining, they are always the same shade. In the case of Dior, the lining is an intense colour with the brand logo.