Every one of us must have worn puffed sleeves blouse designs at least some point of time. Puff sleeves are not only for blouse but can also be designed for Kurtis. If you are looking for latest puff sleeves designs, patterns for your favorite dress take inspirations from the following puffed sleeves designs worn by celebrities and models.

In 60-70s puffed sleeves were in fashion but then the popularity of puff sleeves dipped. Since 2011 puff sleeves again come back in fashion and that’s why you will notice a lot of puff sleeves patterns being used by fashion designers.

We have noticed that puff sleeves are not only limited to dresses of very young girls. Women of all walks of life, and age groups and confidently choosing puffed sleeves blouses to add the required oomph. These puffy sleeves provide unique, cute and elegant look to the entire dress making it more appealing and feminine.

Puffed Sleeves Design Ideas


Celebrity Kajal wore puffed sleeves blouse, Kurta’s, Punjabi suits in various movies and outdoors.


This vintage puff sleeves design worn by Soha is looking gorgeous. It’s stylish yet very graceful.


A model showcasing designer puffed sleeves blouse design.


How about this puff sleeves design which look awesome with long length Suits, Lehengas or Sari.


Very vintage yet classy puffed sleeves blouse design. Notice how the designer has carefully kept the bottom of the puffed sleeves very narrow to give a slim effect.


If you want little extra puff, this is how you can get it stitched.


A slightly modern yet stylish puff sleeves design.


How can you forget this classy puff sleeves designs worn by Aishwarya Rai in Devdas movie.

We would love to know your own ideas of puff sleeves designs. Let us know what you prefer and how you manage it? Please leave us a comment and let us.