There are plenty of reasons why you should take care when planning and decorating a professional styled bathroom, whether it is for your employees, home, customers or institution. First and foremost, you want to make a good impression. Well-lit, nicely decorated and clean restrooms truly impress the most executive of persons. Finally, you want your employees, guests or customers to be satisfied, and you want everyone to feel comfortable using these restrooms.

Decorating a bathroom takes a lot of planning and expertise – this guide will outline the most important aspects that you need to know.

Wall Colors and Finishes

Different color schemes create different human emotions, so you can use this to your advantage by using colors and finishes to create the professional image of your business or home. For example, using too much bright white and pale blues and yellows can give your environment a hospital-like feel, which you definitely do not want!

Painting or tiling the walls of your restroom using neutral or heavy colors is the best way to go. These options are easy to keep clean and sanitized, are easy to match with different tiles and vanities, and forecast lavishness. Tile or sleek finishes are the best for a professional grade bathroom because they project a chic and smooth look. Both of these options are heavy duty, resistant, and astonishingly sleek.


The focal point of any restroom is the vanity. For your restroom to be considered professional and sleek, you will want to go for a smaller contemporary vanity look. Bathroom vanities in contemporary styles often work best for professional or public bathrooms because they are versatile, space-saving, and easy to clean. Check out for styled vanities under 30 inches.
Every person who enters the restroom will utilize the vanity – remember this! Don’t be frugal when it comes to the vanity, because it could make or break the entire outlook of the bathroom.

The Sink

Deciding on a sink can be effortless – opt for a sink that is captivating to the eyes while also providing optimal practicality. Choosing the right size is important to ensure your sink basin will match up with your chosen vanity. A contemporary, sleek vanity calls for a modern style sink. Don’t be afraid to consider gravity defying or trendy modern sinks – these are in style and considered professional due to the chic look. Check out Kim Kardashian’s disappearing sink for inspiration. (Also, note how she utilized neutral and heavy colors for that clean, professional look.)


One of the most important upgrades you should give thought to for a professionally standard restroom is lighting. A study at the University of Toronto stated that emotions and feelings are felt by humans more acutely in brighter lighting. A greater number of basic, every day decisions are made under brighter, cool toned light. It is widely known that blue-hued lights create a more efficient domain. This means that cool toned lighting is best for a professional bathroom. Older lighting fixtures, light bulbs, and fluorescent lighting cast dull, yellowish and displeasing color hues and shadows. Consider opting for LED fixtures or bulbs between 4,000 and 5,000 Kelvin to really give that professional lighting atmosphere.


Have you ever walked into a restroom (public or not) and noticed old, dated flooring that may have made the area seem unsanitary or dirty? Avoiding this common mistake is simple – choose a tile with very light patterning or wood flooring. Overly patterned tile or linoleum is extremely outdated and makes your ground area look busy and in some cases, dirty! To maintain a professional looking bathroom environment, select a tile that is light on pattern such as marble or Travertine Tile. These options are simple, but not too sleek as to where it gets visibly dirty way too fast. They are also easy to match with different wall and vanity color choices. Alternatively, wood floors provide a more classic ground look. Wood is beautiful, easy to clean, and comes in a wide array of colors. The downside to wood is that occasionally, it will need refinished, especially in a restroom where the wood is bound to get wet.


Let’s face it – we all love to catch a glimpse of ourselves each time we pass by a mirror, particularly in restrooms. Mirrors are an important part of every bathroom. It’s important to contemplate the size of the mirror you are selecting to match your vanity. A mirror too large or too small in relation to the vanity will look strange. Conventionally, mirrors are not wider than the vanity. You could purchase your mirror and take measurements or have one custom made to size to your vanity. Framed and frameless mirrors are both a popular choice when considering the professional bathroom design. Frameless provides a very modern, simple and sharp look; framed provides a contained and complementing look. Either of these choices can be paired with sconces or lighting directly above itself to distribute excellent lighting to the vanity below.

Showers and Bathtubs

Showers and bathtubs are arguably where we spend the most time in our bathrooms. Whether it’s taking a bubble bath or a nice, hot shower, tubs and shower installations can be one of the most principal keys of a restroom. To keep a professional look, choosing a spacious, glass shower space is vital. Glass enclosed showers are trendy, clean, contemporary, customizable, and comfortable. Depending on the size of the shower, they are easily wheelchair and handicap accessible in comparison to dated shower/tub stalls. Installation of bars and shower chairs is also optional for handicap accessibility, which is important in order to accommodate everybody and maintain a professional outlook.

I already know what you’re thinking – jet tubs! Bathtubs with built-in jet systems are optimal for a working professional. After a long, hard day at the office, a jet tub can relax your muscles and prepare you for the next working day. There are modern options for jet tubs alongside individual jets to install in regular tub basins. Conventional bathtubs in a professional bathroom are possible. Choose a spacious, deep, simple tub. Additionally, adding your flooring or tile pattern to the exterior of the tub creates an extremely put together look. Additionally, in-ground bathtubs create an amazingly modern and professional look, but can be costly.

Having a bathtub and shower separated from each other is more conventional this year. If you do not have the space to separate and have them both, there are other options – single shower stalls, single tub stalls, or combined. Be cautious when choosing combined since oftentimes bath and shower combinations can look outdated. If you’re going to decide on the integration, be sure to choose an installation that has a modern and professional look; don’t choose grandma’s green shower stall from the 1970’s.

Wall Hangings, Plants, and Rugs

Rugs are essential for bathrooms because they provide a no-hassle way to soak up those water drippings that are bound to happen every single day. They also yield safety because wet floors=slips and falls. Depending on the color scheme you decide to go for, choose rug selections that nicely compliment the towel color scheme you will have. It is easy to match linens, so don’t overthink it. Stay away from rugs that blend in to your flooring as this can create a tripping hazard. Something that has great absorbency and a non-slip backing will be perfect for your professionally standard bathroom.

Plants are an admirable way to spruce up your bathroom. They provide a fresh, clean air atmosphere and are pleasing to look at. Indoor plants such as Aloe Vera, English Ivy, and Spider Plants are easy to maintain and deliver some great benefits as well.

To create a pleasant focal point, selecting the right artwork and wall hangings is essential. In order to sustain the professional look, go for few and simple. Don’t overcrowd the walls by hanging too many portraits or putting something with a conflicting color scheme up. An abstract canvas painting with similar colors to your walls and floors will be charming, affordable, and can even be DIY’d for a more personalized look.

Linens and Toiletry Storage

A striking addition to any restroom is matching linens. When you have linens that match the overall look of your room, you will appear as hygienic, organized, and elegant. Be sure to check out some folding hacks to really ‘wow’ your guests. Tastefully folded towels give your restroom that 5-star look.

Storage is extremely significant in any professionally styled bathroom. To keep a polished and welcoming restroom environment, you should invest in a toiletry storage cabinet. These come in many different styles and colors. In addition to storing items in the cabinet, you also can use the drawers under your vanity (if there are any.) Leaving toiletry products on counters or restroom floors is messy and creates clutter, which is why a cabinet or storage option is necessary. 


To wrap up, there are a few key points to remember: sleek, contemporary, neutral, and clean. Professional bathrooms are a must-have in many homes, businesses and areas around the globe!