Most of women find it difficult to get a right shaped bra which can enhance their personality and look. Although its not a rocket science but still requires little understanding. A right bra has a proper bra back and proper cup size which will give your breast right support and shape. This will protect your neck, shoulder and back muscles from damaging and will give you a pain & trouble free comfortable fit.

wrong bra size

7 Signs Your Bra Is not right

Following are 7 vital signs which will help you understand that you are not wearing the right bra size.


Breast spilling over the cups is an indication of inappropriate cup size. You should recheck the cup size and try a bigger one(for ex- if you are using 32 cup size go with 34).


Breast not getting proper support it can happen due to loose strap and a big bra back. You should tighten the bra straps and try a different bra with smaller back size.


Breast does not get a proper uplift and gives somewhat flat appearance, this can happen due to smaller back and cup size. You should try a bigger size bra with proper cup measurement.


All women at different stages in life have gone through this problem. The side boob are the result of

  1. Smaller cup size bra.
  2. Bra wires are not fitted properly on your ribcage but are fitted on your breast. Try a bigger size bra to get some relief.


Breast not getting a proper support and the front of your bra is not sitting properly on your breastbone. This is an indication of a bigger size bra and you should try a smaller size bra.


This is the most common problem with women having heavy breast. The back of the bra keep on rising up making you feel uncomfortable. This is a cause of a bigger back size bra; go for a smaller back size bra


The bra with bigger cups create wrinkly cup (too much fabric accumulating at one place), thus spoiling your personality and look. Try smaller cup size bra.

How to Get a Right Shape Bra

1. Know your correct Back Size : Back size means how your bra fits around your body. The bra band should provide you support, should be horizontal and comfortable. Make sure that the band is not loose as loose bands tends to rise up.

2. Know you correct cup size: The cup size means the volume of your breasts. Given below are few point you should consider to get a right cup size.

  • The bra cups should enclosed your breast properly.
  • There should be no bulging over the top or sides of the bra cups.
  • The wire of your bra should lie flat against your rib cage and should not dig in, rub or poke out at the front.

I hope these tips will help you figure out the right bra size. We would love to hear your experiences, views on how to choose a right bra size. Please leave us a comment and share with us.