There was a time when dressing for work meant wearing black, navy or gray clothing with sensible shoes and a matching bag. While this may still be necessary in some industries, there is absolutely no need for work outfits to be boring.

Even if a simple suit or sheath must be the order of the day, accessories can help to give your outfit a stylish boost. Shoes, handbags and statement jewelry give you an opportunity to show off your personality and personal style. They also make great conversation starters. Here’s how to use them to elevate your office wardrobe.

Have fun with footwear

Do choose heels that you walk in comfortably but don’t feel like they have to be only black or nude. Colors and patterns can go a long way in adding interest to your overall look. Try adding a red pump for those Monday morning meetings or rocking a leopard print sling back for a mid-week dose of attitude. Even if you choose a sober color, what about a snakeskin texture? That can also take your appearance from drab to fab.

Carry it all in style

Handbags for work are often quite functional and for good reason. We have to tote around electronics, notepads, cosmetics, maybe even a change of shoes or clothing. It can be easy to just choose a bag that can hold everything and forget about style. This is not necessary, though. Bags can be both functional and stylish. As is the case with shoes, bright colors and patterns and unusual textures are the way to go. Tumi is a great option to consider for high-quality, colorful bags. Consider tying a small colorful silk scarf to the handle of an otherwise boring bag for a quick upgrade. Avoid obvious designer labels and monograms and over-the-top charms which can seem obnoxious in a work environment.

Let your jewelry speak for you

The office isn’t the place for dangling earrings or jangling bangle bracelets but simple, tasteful pieces can really add some class to your look. Think double stranded pearl necklaces, earrings with your birthstone or preferred gem or statement rings. Find ways to incorporate elements of your personality. Do you love cruising or gardening? Maybe a cute anchor or flower pendant would be ideal. Your jewelry shouldn’t overpower your look but it should give some subtle hints about who you are. Of course, if you work in a creative environment or simply have a lax dress code, you can opt for bolder pieces without a care in the world.

Surround yourself with fashionable things

If your office dress code is simply too strict to allow for creativity or you just want some added style, this last suggestion is for you. Get fashion-inspired notebooks, stationery with style quotes or place a couple fashion books on your desk. Maybe frame a photo of your favorite Coco Chanel.  You can also consider a fashion-inspired cellphone case or chic designer wallet?

If you truly want to incorporate fashionable elements into your corporate life, there are several ways to ways to do it. Whether you wear your stylish pieces, pop them in your bag or decorate your desk with them, you’ll feel a bit more inspired each day!