There is this thing about winters, you just want to cuddle and sleep. What you hate the most is going out because that involves fiddling through your wardrobe to find something worth wearing. How to ace winters or look trendy in your old denim? You might be thinking how to layer the unused vests lying in your closet without looking like a goof. Here’s how you DIY your way through trends this season.

Try Fur Coats

You might wonder, why fur coats and how does that even make sense? There are a lot of dresses that you got from clearance sales but haven’t got around wearing, you just can’t pair them up with anything. To give your not so expensive but pretty dresses a little sophisticated look, try an authentic black fur coat. This not only adds class but is amazingly comfortable and trust me, you won’t regret having it in your closet. Wonde why Jessica Pearson is the hottest attorney?

Sick of your Winter Wardrobe

You’re done with the basic coats, boots and scarfs. Try something new, go for a basic sweater with a pair of denim and drape a scarf and you are ready to go. These small tricks can help you make your winters a little trendier. Who says you can’t look good just because you have all those layers on.

Skater Vibe

Tired of you regular denims, its time you make some alterations. Try a frayed denim with socks and sneakers and give yourself a little funky look. You don’t need to pair your denims with conventional boots and this is cooler than them. You think you’re cooler than me?

The Cowgirl

Ever tried pairing a white shirt with a blue denim and brown cow girl boots? A shade of red lipstick and you’re ready to make everyone else look less impressive. Try the cowgirl look with a letter jacket and what else do you need? Steal the Angelina Jolie look and set another benchmark.


You must be wondering what this pointer has to unfold. Well, you want to hide the carvings or embroidery on your dress and neither want to die of cold. What do you do? You reverse the basics, instead of wearing a jacket above your dress, wear it beneath. Try out, this won’t cost you anything and you can decide on not trying this if you aren’t satisfied.

Well, winters the worst time of the year for me and there’s nothing I hate more than having to go out but trust me, I’d never refrain myself from experimenting. Keep trying new things and experimenting instead of going with the conventional ideas. You make your own trend and nothing is good enough if it doesn’t look good on you or make you feel like dancing.