Big, heavy earrings rise and fall in popularity. Sometimes they are in, and sometimes they are out. Regardless of whether they are the vogue trend of the moment or not, heavy earrings are definitely a bold statement. They can make you feel gorgeous and confident. They are a form of self-expression that adds flair to your look, and they definitely grab attention and start conversations.

You may want to rock your outfit with those heavy hoops, but there a few important considerations to keep in mind as you put together tomorrow’s look. Most people do not think about the proper care and health of their earlobes being an essential part of their fashion-sense. But if you want to continue to wear earrings as a form of self-expression for a lifetime, then you need to look ahead at the health of your earlobe.

However fashionable and fun heavy earrings are, you may want to think twice before you buy. Instead, consider an earring subscription that will send you a monthly earring gift box with the latest trends that will not damage your earlobes. This is especially important for adolescent girls, whose hormonal shifts cause changes in skin density and sensitivity. It is also a potentially significant issue as you age and your skin begins to thin.

Avoid Sagging Earlobes

Heavy earrings cause unsightly stretching and tearing. When you wear heavy earrings over a long period of time, that cute little piercing in your earlobe becomes an elongated oval that sometimes will not even hold smaller earrings anymore. If you wear smaller earrings in an elongated piercing, the earring will sag and look unattractive.

Some plastic surgeons are seeing a rise in clients coming to them for earlobe reconstruction. While this is a viable option if you have saggy earlobes, it may not restore your ability to wear earrings. Besides, plastic surgery is an awfully expensive fix for something that could have been avoided by wearing lighter earrings.

Giving yourself or that special girl in your life a monthly gift box for earrings can keep cute, fashionable earrings in abundant supply so you never get bored. They are an excellent alternative to heavy earrings, and a monthly surprise earring gift box will give you the perfect fashion statement to go with every outfit.

Prevent Earlobe Tearing

Earlobe tearing can happen more easily than you would expect. One minute, you’re rocking those awesome new hoops, and the next, your ear is bleeding and that gorgeous hoop is on the floor. We all know someone who this has happened to. It even happened to Beyoncé during a performance. She was thrilling her audience when her braid got caught in her hoop and ripped it right out.

Bulky, heavy earrings can get caught in clothes, zippers, hair, and even other jewelry. Babies and young children love to pull on them. When they yank hard enough, they can rip the earring right out. When your earring gets ripped out, the lobe has a tear all the way through, and you can no longer wear earrings in that spot.

Blood supply to the earlobe is not particularly abundant, and so once the lobe has been injured, the chance for full healing on its own is minimal. If your earring gets ripped out of your ear, you will likely have to have a surgical procedure to repair it. And there may be a chance you will never be able to wear earrings again in that spot, due to scarring.

Many monthly subscriptions for earring gift boxes come with smaller earrings that will not get caught on anything and are difficult for tiny fingers to grab. Find the right subscription and start looking forward to opening your mailbox every month for a special surprise.

Minimize Risk of Infection

Heavy earrings make your earlobes more prone to infection. This is because as they pull down on the location of your piercing, they can cause tiny tears in the surrounding tissue. These tears are so small that they go unnoticed and you will likely not feel them at all. But when you take your earrings out or scratch your ear, you get bacteria in the wounded spot which can then turn into a nasty infection. Another source of infection from heavy earrings may be the metal of the post. If you are sensitive to particular metals, an allergic reaction can cause infection.

If your earlobe begins to itch, feel hot, or appear swollen, it may be infected. Take your earring out right away and clean it with mild soap and water. An antiseptic ointment may be enough to heal the infection, but sometimes you need to take oral antibiotics.

Many monthly earring gift box subscriptions are able to be tailored to meet your specific earring needs. If your ears are sensitive to certain metals, you can make sure that you get sterling silver or other hypo-allergenic metals.

A Fun Alternative to Heavy Earrings

Earrings may be your favorite fashion accessory to express yourself, but heavy earrings can cause unsightly defects in your piercing or worse; lead to complete tears. Instead of worrying about the hassle of caring for injured, infected, or stretched earlobes, consider a subscription to a monthly earring gift box. A gift box for earrings can come with the latest, cutest earrings that are safe and fun to wear. You will never get bored when you receive your earrings once a month in the mail.