Being in a band can be a wonderful experience. It’s rewarding to jam with people who bring new and fresh ideas to music that you would never have thought of. Creating great music together is great, but it doesn’t guarantee that the sound your making is consistent. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been in the music industry for a while, it can still be difficult to establish a collective sound with a group of individuals.

People change with time, and their music style is no different. Especially if you’ve been in a band for a long time, your members might want to change the sound up and go down a new path. Doesn’t this make it impossible to have a collective sound?

There are easy ways to get into the groove and find your band’s cohesive sound.

Jam Sessions

The best way to start out finding your sound is to jam together. You won’t know what type of music style everyone has until you have all played together and improvised.

These sessions should be extremely casual and allow each member of the band to shine and show new sounds and music that they’ve been practicing on their own.

This is an amazing way to get to know your band mates better. A person’s instrument style definitely reflects their inner voice, and you’re going to want to hear it!

Listen to New Genres

Go out of your comfort zone, listen to new music that you’ve never heard of before. Take suggestions from your band mates. Everyone should come to the jam sessions with one or two new bands/artists that they have started listening to.

This will help inspire you all to incorporate new styles and music genres into your sound. That way you can have a unique angle and lots of musical perspectives.

Go to Concerts

If you and your band go to concerts together for artists you like, you’ll surely draw inspiration from how the band mates you look up to present themselves on stage. This is a great way to determine what kind of band you want to look like for your audience.

You can get outfit inspiration, staging inspiration, and even music inspiration from going to concerts. Make sure to go to plenty of concerts in different genres so that you can all determine which ones vibe best with your sound.

This is another way to develop a closer bond with your bandmates, which is number one for creating an amazing experience together.

Get Equipment Together

Buying equipment can also be a great way to get your style all together. Since you’ll all be playing together, it’s good to see the process that you and your bandmates go through when picking an instrument. You might not all want the same gear, which encourages everyone to make group decisions.

Whether they use online stores like drumcenternh online shop or prefer to go in-person, each musician in your group is unique. You can learn from their equipment knowledge and they can learn from yours. Plus, you can all get equipment in matching colors if you choose together.

Having musicians that you can not only call your friends but also your bandmates is wonderful. You are all individuals coming together to create a sound that is unlike any other. Of course, since you are all different, it requires a meeting in the middle of all the minds.

Creating the perfect sound will take time and patience, but as long as you all have the determination to continue, you’ll progress towards a cohesive jam that suits all of your personalities.