Fashion is innate and cannot be copied. Being fashionable means being stylish and innovative in taste. Be imaginative and give wings to your thoughts. Follow your heart and be original. 10 Fashion Mistakes you do not want to make.

Fashion mistakes than can spoil your perfect look

Fashion refers to popular trend in context of behavior, dressing, footwear and accessories. Being fashionable means being stylish and being able to present yourself in a unique and different way. It enhances your prestige in the society and your opinion matters to others.

Fashion is the science of appearance, and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be. – Henry Fielding

Everyone admires a stylish person. Style comes from within. You cannot imitate to be stylish and trendy. Keep in mind “Fashions in bigotry come and go. The right thing lasts.

The same dress may appear differently on two individuals. Wear what is comfortable and not what is in vogue. You should be comfortable and at ease in your attire. Be careful in your efforts to be fashionable and avoid committing fashion mistakes. Fashion, if done meticulously can make you a celebrity but foolish fashion mistakes can easily ruin your personality.

Top 10 Fashion Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make

Here are listed some common fashion mistakes inadvertently committed by women across the globe. Stay away from them at every possible cost.

 1. Mismatched Colors

One of the common fashion mistakes is to mismatch colors like wearing a green skirt with a crimson red top.  What a horrible clash of colors! Mismatch can be in doing make up too. Imagine a green eye shadow with bright red lipstick. Be careful while wearing these two strong shades, red and green. Be subtle and smart in choosing soft colors. What you wear strongly influence others in forming an opinion about you.

2. Jumbo Clothes

Other common fashion mistakes are wearing over sized clothes. Wear clothes that give you comfortable fit rather than tight-fitting or over-sized ones. Let your body be graced and not draped.  Clothes should enhance the beauty of your body instead of shielding it. Remember everyone is beautiful no matter whether slim or obese. It I the way you present yourself that make you attractive or repulsive. Clothes should be wisely chosen and worn with confidence.

3. Wearing Miniskirts

A wrong notion is that miniskirts are still in vogue. Miniskirts if teamed with short top can worsen the matter.  If you really want to wear miniskirts, then team it with a long top and wear a belt around your waist to give a graceful and smart look. You can even wear long boots to have an elegant look.

4. Wrong Shoes

Team up your dress with great pair of matching shoes. A stunning dress might lose all its importance and appeal if worn with wrong shoes. So select shoes that match your dress in color and style. You definitely want to leave a lasting mark and walk confidently isn’t it?

5. Right Jewelry

Wearing bangles, necklace and ear rings together definitely ruins your look and are common amongst fashion mistakes. Wear the right type of jewelry depending on your dress type. If you are wearing an evening gown, then enhance the beauty of your neck with a beautiful classic necklace. If you want to wear bangles, skip the necklace. If your finger ring is a true classic piece, wear it alone with matching ear rings. Jewelry should compliment your dress and should not make you an overdone jewelry piece.

6. Skin Tights

Another common fashion mistakes, blunder is to wear skin tights if not blessed with great and shapely legs. Why torture yourself when your legs are not worth it. Wear what suits and compliment you rather than what looks good on others.

7.  Horrible Panty Lines

The most horrible thing is a visible panty underneath a short dress. What a shame! While wearing a short dress think twice. Cover panty lines with right sized dress. Look beautiful and not vulgar. Common in our fashion mistakes list.

8. Comfortable But Wrong Sneakers

Sneakers should be worn with right type of dress and not with anything that comes your way. We all know sneakers are not only comfortable but fashionable too. Every fashionable thing does not always look great. It should be worn with right kind of dress to leave a lasting mark.

9. Patterned Clothing

Never wear a patterned top with a plain looking skirt or vice-verse. If you do so, be sure to leave others a shock hard enough to recover. Patterned clothing should be worn with similar pattern pieces.  Remember this valuable piece of advice and save yourself from committing another fashion mistakes, blunder.

10. Aping Style

Everyone has her own style and avoid blending different styles together. Follow your taste and be a trend setter rather than aping others’ style. Have your own style and stringently follow it. Do not experiment too much.

Keep these common fashion mistakes, blunders in mind and avoid doing. They not only lower your self respect but also make you an object of laughter.

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So, whats your take on these fashion mistakes? Please leave us a comment and let us know.