It’s only the beginning of the year and already fashion has been a huge part of the calendar. Recently, the notion of power dressing and dressing for a particular reason and come back in a big way, with political statements and solidarity featuring on the red carpets.

In the midst of scandals and breaking news, it seems odd to talk about fashion being a major player, but power dressing for the season returned and it looks like it might be here to stay.

Fashion has become an important part of society; it has allowed us to portray our identities again in a way that hasn’t been seen in a while. We’ve become sensitive again to messages created by clothing, whether it’s Pep Guardiola wearing a yellow ribbon to symbolize Catalan independence, or H&M’s faux pas with its ‘Coolest Money in the Jungle’ children’s sweatshirt.

While it might seem pedantic at times, our choice in clothing and how we advertise it can have a huge impact on society, with many using it as a platform to make their mark. After all, if you can’t make your argument through words, you can certainly do it through your outfit.

Power Dressing in Hollywood and Beyond

The Golden Globes back in January marked one of the biggest fashion statements that has happened for a long time. More than 300 women in Hollywood launched a coordinated campaign to raise awareness of sexual harassment known as ‘Time’s Up’.

Supported by the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone and Natalie Portman, the campaign manifested itself through an open letter and an advertisement in The New York Times.

The Golden Globes were the first of this year’s award ceremonies, and it saw nearly all women wearing black to highlight issues around gender inequality in the workplace. From the dresses to the speeches, it was a politically-driven ceremony that will be remembered for some time.

With the BAFTAs only around the corner, members of Time’s Up have urged guests to follow suit and also wear black to the awards show. BAFTA is the first film awards ceremony in Europe of the year, and was deemed an important event to show global solidarity and recognition of worldwide problems. With the Academy Awards in March, who knows what’s still to come?

Power Dressing Icons

In a visual world where Instagram is an obsession and technology makes it easier for us to peer into the lives of our favorite icons, power dressing takes on a role that allows people to reinvent themselves and project an image.

Kim Jong-un was recently pictured in a Western-style suit and tie, removing himself from his father’s trademark outfits. This caused speculation that he was trying to change his image and even asserting himself a little more.

Meghan Markle has also been a person of interest lately, given the royal engagement. Suddenly it’s become highly important what she’s wearing, as it sends off signals and messages.

Choosing the likes of Scottish brands and high street stores to dress herself when out on public engagements, she’s caught the eye of everyone with her strategic power dressing choices.