There is more of an element of truth in the suggestion that you never get a second chance to make a lasting first impression so it makes sense to try and do what you can to get yourself remembered for all the right reasons when you meet someone for the first time.

Here are some pointers on ways to stand out and leave that all-important first impression, including why it matters to get it right first time, why it pays to avoid talking about yourself for too long, plus a reminder of how body language plays a key role.

No time to waste

It can help to understand the basic science of human interaction and the way we are wired, and the bottom line is that we make judgments about someone we meet in a mere nanosecond.

Before you even say anything the person you are meeting for the very first time will have formed an opinion subliminally and the problem is that once that first impression is formed it can be difficult to change it.

You greatly improve your odds of winning someone over if you create a strong impression at the onset but there are rules of engagement that are worth bearing in mind.

Be yourself

Making a good first impression is a mixture of various elements all coming together so there are several things you should try and work on.

Having a confident and healthy smile is not a bad starting point and there are options like to help you achieve that aim but you should also remember that your aim is to ultimately make a connection and not just an impression.

People can often see if you are being transparent and trying too hard to force a good first impression.

It is often much better to focus on making a great human connection and building a relationship that is far more authentic than fake. Being yourself can also be a good way to make a strong first impression.

Avoid being self-absorbed

If you have ever been on a first date and spent most of the evening listening to the other person talking about themselves there is a fair chance that you didn’t pick up the phone to arrange another meetup.

One of the ways to create that lasting impression when you first meet someone is to aim to ask more questions than you answer.

Talking almost non-stop rather than listening is an unequal balance so stop yourself if you think you are trying too hard to impress.

Think about your body language

We tend to communicate so much with actually saying anything at all and that is why you should pay attention to your body language.

Try to communicate a body language that says you are relaxed and comfortable in their company and take visual clues from the other person if you see that they are not easily empathizing with you.

Also, don’t forget to smile. It’s easy to forget just how much of a positive impact a smile can have in helping you to make that vital first impression.