Small apartment living can be a dream. It’s cheap in every aspect, from rent to decor. And, your space is sure to feel like the cozy haven we all dream of.

But, there is a downside. Your friends have phoned, and they’re coming over for the weekend. Only, your small apartment doesn’t exactly have the luxury of a spare room. You can’t turn them away without hurting their feelings. What do you do?

In this situation, many of us decide to give up our bedrooms, and sleep on the sofa. It’s far from ideal. Your guests will feel as though they’re putting you out and, despite polite protestations on your side, it’s 100% true. But, the only alternative is making them sleep on the couch, or putting up an unappealing air-bed, which doesn’t exactly flatter your space.

But, what if we were to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way? There’s no reason your small apartment can’t have a pop-up guest room to die for. That’s right; we’re talking about a stylish space you can set-up each time you have people round. Here’s how to achieve it.

Consider location

First, decide where you have space for this. Choose somewhere that offers a flattering perspective while avoiding heavy traffic. Spaces like offices could work well, or even a dining area. It’s okay if you have to move furniture to fit things in. Remember that this isn’t a constant. Moving your dining table out of the window isn’t too much of a tragedy. If that’s the best place in your apartment, that’s where your guests should be.

How can you make the space appealing?

So, what’s going to set your guest area apart from the unappealing options mentioned above? Your design, of course. Just because a zone is temporary, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. As you would with any other room, take your time over furniture. Instead of opting for the cheapest air mattress, take a look at reviews, like these on Choose Mattress, and select the best option. Or, perhaps you don’t want an air mattress. Something like a daybed would provide a stylish sleeping option which blends with your apartment.

It’s also worth thinking about lighting. Every designer knows that ambiance is essential in the bedroom. If your guests are sleeping out in the main section of your apartment, they’ll be dealing with bright lights. Solve the issue by investing in some fairy lights and draping them around the area. This will go a long way in making things more homely and appealing.

Once the furniture is out of the way, think about the accessories in the space. Accessories are, after all, what makes any room. Cover the air-mattress with stylish blankets and cushions. Drape sheets to provide privacy. You could even place art prints on the perimeter to add some interest. With a little effort, this could be a bohemian set up to die for. And, it’s all easy to store when not in use!