“I have nothing to wear!” is a phrase that truly unites us as women. Every day, it can seem like we’re in a standoff against our wardrobe and get dressed feeling like we’re about to go in defeat. Except it doesn’t have to be a daily battle to put together an outfit.

With strategy, intention and some investment, your closet can transform from a source of anxiety and dissatisfaction into a place of joy and creativity. Why not turn your closet into an ally, rather than enemy? After all, you deserve to confidently enjoy what you wear.


If you whine and complain every time you get dressed, your wardrobe is definitely begging for an overhaul — and that surely will be a given many times over the years. Of course, life events can also trigger the need for a closet transformation. Starting a new job, becoming a mom, losing weight or just getting older can warrant new additions.


To make way for a new wardrobe, you’ll need to get gutsy and decisive about what items stay and, more importantly, what should go. In fact, here are some items that should get discarded first: clothing that doesn’t fit, rarely gets worn or which was bought in a different decade. (Say goodbye to the college hoodie!) 

Next, invest in the basics that will serve as your fashion foundation. Inspired by the capsule wardrobe movement, rework your wardrobe to include 30 versatile and classic pieces you love. This way, when a new season starts, you have permission to shop for a few trendy clothes with pops of color or fun prints. Think of these pieces as accessories to your basics.

As you rehabilitate your wardrobe, consider trying to meet these goals:

  • Commit to quality over quantity and less is more.
  • Invest in long-wear clothes you love, rather than frivolous fast fashion you like in the moment.
  • Shop intentionally and understand your “why” before you buy.


We’ve compiled a list of 10 wardrobe staples to help set you up for success:

1. Chambray Button-Down

Go casual with sneakers or dress it up with ankle boots and a statement necklace. You can also unbutton this type of shirt to wear as a light layer. Indeed, it’s a perfect companion in a cold meeting room or when lounging in the airport.

2. Peplum Blouse

With its flare and pleats, a peplum blouse is great to have on hand for those days when you need some cute camouflage around your midsection.

3. Oversized Sweater

A large, cozy sweater (or cardigan) is perfect for frigid temperatures — and to wear over skinny jeans or leggings.  

4. Sneakers

Chic street style is all about wearing the right sneakers. Pair your kicks with a dress for brunch, or team them up with a skinny jean, striped tee and French tuck.

5. Black and Camel-Colored Shoes

Leopard print is fierce. But, for the sake of versatility, invest in sandals, flats and ankle boots in a neutral hue to get the most wear.

6. Denim Jacket

Throw on a jean jacket and scarf after yoga to easily turn your workout outfit into athleisure wear and you’re ready for a day outing or running errands.  

7. Black Blazer

Every closet needs a blazer, which can instantly create a formal look for a work event. To create a fun mix-and-match look, pair the blazer with a graphic tee, heels and chunky necklace.

8. Black Pants

Speaking of black, black jeans or pants and leggings are essential. The ponte pant provides comfortable stretch without sacrificing structure for a streamlined silhouette.

9. Silk Blouse

Accent your closet with a navy, white or even forest green blouse to represent your boss babe side. A silky blouse may be act and serve as a luxury piece, but know it’s always a great timeless option.

10. Lingerie

Every woman should embrace her inner sexuality, not only for her partner, but for herself, too. Add a flirty, ruffled bralette to your underwear drawer or a sexy bodysuit for those heated, intimate moments.

Make Putting an Outfit Together Simple and Stress-Free

Think of these 10 items to serve as the initial framework for a practical wardrobe. As you start to collect more staples and a few seasonal pieces, putting together an outfit will become a more simplified and stress-free process. And by reducing the size of your closet and refining your style, you can focus your time, money and energy on things that matter most in your life.