Winters in Ireland is challenging as the weather changes dramatically during this season. The reported property damage cases in Ireland are maximum during winters. These are mainly because of extreme weather conditions like storm, heavy rain, etc.

One of the most significant things you can do to ensure your property in front of the winter is to ensure you have the right home insurance set up. It is therefore important to check if home insurance is up to date and renewed before the winter approaches.

If the policy is active, the insurer will bear your home repairing expenses arising from any winter damage. Homeowners also need taking additional protection for their home to tackle this season’s weather challenges.

Remain warm, set aside cash, and keep harm to your home from the cold and snow with these straightforward tips.

1. Check the heating system is functioning properly or not

Almost all the houses in Ireland have a heating system, but there might be a difference in their features. So, whichever heating system you are using in your home you need to do a few maintenance tasks to cope up with the freezing winter temperature. In case you have installed a high-efficiency heating system that uses PVC vent pipes, keep it clear from any blockage.

Homeowners using a boiler heating system must ensure to get the cleaning and maintenance work done for it yearly. If your home has a gas heating system, you can do the maintenance and cleaning work once every three years.

2. Get the fireplace cleaned

If you have a fireplace in your home, make sure to get it cleaned with the help of a chimney sweep. Sometimes there can be cracks or debris in the chimney. Debris can cause fire and damage your house, so make sure to get the fireplace cleaned.

3. Do maintenance for the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It is important to get the maintenance work done for all the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors installed in your home. You should also install smoke alarms everywhere in your house. All these gadgets run on batteries, therefore, make sure to check the batteries as one of the important home maintenance tasks.

4. Prevent water from freezing inside pipes

One of the most common causes of home damage during the winters is because of the bursting of Pipes. You need to ensure there is a constant flow of running warm water through the pipes. If the water freezes inside, it expands and makes the pipe burst causing damage to your home. Set the heat to approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit and use insulated pipes mainly in the unheated areas like near doors, windows, etc.

5. Trim down dead tree limbs

Trimming down of any dead-tree limbs around your house is another Home Maintenance tasks to make your home ready for the winters. These dead-tree limbs can fall on the roof and damage it during a winter storm. So, make sure to remove them and keep the surrounding of your house clean. Winter weather conditions in Ireland are unpredictable. Apply these five simple home maintenance hacks and make your home ready for the winters.