reduce_temptationPeople around the world always desire to loose superfluous kgs/pounds of their weight. Millions women dream of seductive appearance.  However, not everyone can do it. And you know, very often the problem consists in wrong approach to weight loss.  Majority of people, aspiring to lose weight, first of all start starving themselves, and then register in sports halls, where they tyre themselves with excessive physical activities.

The diet is not a panacea for weight loss. Besides, if to trust psychologists, only about 20 % people wishing to  lose weight can stick to the end of the diet. In the same way an exercise room can become a life saver not in  all cases . To grow thin “once and for all”, it is necessary to change your relation to meal cardinally. And for  this purpose it is necessary to choose such diet, which, on the one hand, will allow you not to gain excess  weight, and on the  other, will not cause constant feeling of hunger and brutal appetite in you.

Remember an important thing: both loadings and starvation lead to stress, in which result organism starts  producing cortisol, a hormone answering for accumulation fat in an organism, especially around stomach. So in  practice all turns out on the contrary – habitual ways of weight loss appear inefficient.

So we just need to learn deceiving our appetite, otherwise, pacifying it and subduing to our will. And it is not  so difficult, as can seem. We sincerely hope that our simple recommendations will help you in this.

Councils and recommendations about appetite decrease. Just 4 stages

1. A diet

  • – always adhere to a rule «eat breakfast yourself, a share dinner with your friend, and give supper to your  enemy
  • – distribute food intake on 5–6 times during a day
  • – about 80 % of food consumed for a day should come for breakfast and dinner. It is desirable to include  sprouted grains of cereals in a morning diet (oats, wheat, rye), rich with vitamin B, which prevents adjournment  of fat and water delay in organism. Besides, cereals are digested long and this means you will not feel hunger  soon
  • – make an approximate diet per day, it should not exceed 1000 Kal, include enough phytogenesis carbohydrates in  a diet
  • – for a supper you can eat a slice of boiled fast meat, amino acids contained in it activate fat burning  hormones during sleep
  • – for a dinner you can eat a vegetable salad – it contains much cellulose, which quickly sates organism and at  the same time deduces surpluses of cholesterol. Quite probably that a big portion of salad will be enough for  you to feel full
  • – the ones who are inclined to overeating, should pass to a five-single diet. But provided that portions are  small, and food is low-calorie. Apples, a glass of kefir and low-fat yoghurt are represent a high-grade dish.

2. Used products

  • – an apple or a glass of low-fat kefir will reduce appetite
  • – include fish dishes in a diet 2–3 times a week
  • – limit coffee use, as it slows down metabolism and raises appetite
  • – try to use vegetable salads with addition of bean, that will promote fast saturation of organism and digestion  improvement
  • – try not to use products raising appetite (alcohol, spicy and sweet-sour dishes)
  • – do not use a dish in which sugar is combined with fats (cakes, pies and other)
  • – try to season salads with vegetative fat, if it is difficult for you to refuse sour cream, then season salads  with kefir
  • – do not add spices – they aggravate feeling of hunger. Ideally you should also refuse salt with pepper
  • – prefer use of transparent meatless soups.

3. Procedures

  • – try to take a cool shower with subsequent rubbing by a rigid towel in the morning
  • – try to do walk after meal, instead before it

4. A trifle, but important one.

Sometimes we lose sight of details, but if to take them in aggregate and develop a habit, eating accordingly to  all rules, – it is possible to eat much less;

  • – it is obligatory to use liquid before meal, is better the natural juice diluted with cooled boiled water or  mineral water
  • – eat slowly, slowly chewing food. Finish a meal with feeling of easy undereating. The matter is that the  mechanism, which is responsible for saturation, works in an organism only 20 minutes after meal. And in this  time it is possible to have time to devastate a half-refrigerator
  • – rinse mouth with water more often, better mint
  • – chew a spoon of dry skim milk
  • – choose a point between a lip and nose and press on it with middle finger for some minutes
  • – make 10-15 deep breaths in standing position, better in the open air
  • – put food in a small plate – then a portion will seem bigger.This optical illusion will be strengthened even  more due to blue colour of ware
  • – fruits, vegetables and other dietary foods should be kept in a prominent place: when we like (to chew  something), we take the first that comes across a hand
  • – do not eat in front of TV or with newspaper
  • – Go to a supermarket being full. Then you will have no temptation to buy all
  • – if you feel hunger before a dream, brush teeth
  • – put on narrow dresses or trousers more often – then you will have no space for a heavy dinner
  • – drink a glass of mineral water or tomato juice before a meal. You will partially extinguish appetite.

So, you see that subjecting your organism to heartrending experiences is completely unessential. You just should approach to business competently. After all without health, an excellent figure costs nothing.  Take care, first of all, about your health, then your appearance will be always good.