women-back_painWhat causes back pain? What are common cures for back pain? To answer these back pain related questions you have to understand how it happens first. Back pain is killing most us due to work pressure or restless schedules. This is all happening because of the prevailing IT culture where you have to sit for long hours without any time limit.

It has been observed that nearly 80 % of people in present condition are suffering from the neck and a back pain. The cure of back pain is a quite challenging task and requires a lot of rest and precautions. But, in a working environment proper rest is not possible due to deadlines or unending work. Thus a slight exercise and few precautions as suggested by a trained physiotherapist is the best possible ways to cure back pain.

This article summarizes causes, symptoms and few tips to prevent back pain to help you in fighting this silent killer:

Causes Of Back Pain

Wrong postures:

Wrong and poor postures leads to stress in spine which causes over stretching of ligaments, tiredness in joints. This in turns develop pressure in joints and nerves causing pain in the body.

Disc Problems

Disc are connected and secured by the vertebra’s from above and below which prevents them from slipping away. In general disc problem arises after any accident or mishap but they can also wear down with age.

Arthritis (Spondylosis)

Arthritis affect vertebral and facet joints leading to deterioration, swelling and redness in joints and  edges of vertebrates.


Sciatic are nerves running from the lower back, through the buttocks to down the back of your legs. Annoyance and pain anywhere along this pathway causes pain in the back and in legs.


Improper position of spines due to general wear and tear because  to aging leads to improper vertebral movements causing pushing and pressing of spinal nerves.

Symptoms Of back pain

The intensity of back pain varies from individual to individual and may very from very acute to a slight pain. Given below are the most common symptoms for back pain:

  • –  Bending of lifting objects while you have a back pain may worsen the pain.
  • –   Long sitting hours can increase the back pain.
  • –  While you are in pain standing and walking can also increase the pain.
  • – The pain is not limited to back and goes into buttock and outer area of hip leading finally to the leg.

Tips To Reduce Back Pain

  • –  Avoid picking up too heavy objects.
  • – Always pick an object by bending your knees. Just keep your back straight and try to hold abject as close to you as possible.
  • – While you lift an object try to tighten your abdominal muscles with back muscles supporting the lift. Be cautious and do not hold your breath while you are tightening your muscle
  • – Try to keep your spines to natural curve as much as possible. Stand straight and avoid slump while sitting or standing.
  • – Do not work for long hours give yourself frequent breaks. It is advisable to move around for some time after long sitting hours.

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