Chronic headaches can be more than a sore point with people who suffer from it.  You can try a number of remedies, some may give you relief and some may just aggravate it. Though a lot people indulge in massage the scalp during headaches, they fail to understand the importance and various techniques that can really sooth the ache.

To give you a few points, if anyone suffers from a migraine, use the pads of your fingers to knead the temples along the hairline. Rotate your fingers by keeping a constant gentle pressure by your finger pads. A headache can occur in different parts of the head. Unlike a migraine which occurs mostly on the sides of the head and gradually gives the feeling of a growing all over explosion, a headache maybe restricted to one side or just the crown or the back of the scalp.

Acupuncture is one of the popular remedies. For a headache at the back of the head make sure you rub for a while or count the kneading along the scalp and then switch to kneading your little finger. It is a well known fact that targeting the right acupuncture points can make the headache vanish.

In case you find gentle pinching on your temples as a relief by all means do it. Headache can also extend to other parts like below to your neck and shoulders. Knead or hold a hot water bag to these regions. Tension knotted muscles often loosen up with the heat.

A lot of doctors or therapists will also advice that drinking excessive juice and water can also ease your headache and make your massage more effective. It is not necessary that you do a self massage. You can always ask a member of your family to do it for you.

If you have a headache as a result of an accident or even a chronic case, try to keep your head in one position rather than shaking it. Massage the back of your neck or if ice cubes are effective hold then in a towel against your temples or scalp.

The notion of a headache is that it is restricted to the head. Well, a lot of times your neck can be responsible for the headache. Avoid looking in to bright light as it aggravates the headache. Do not use random techniques or else you may end up paying for it.

Massage is not everyone’s forte. Hence, if you feel the need for a professional masseuse, by all means allow yourself the luxury. A massage may even extend in to sleep as you might drift off. The call on massage to ease of headache is not hundred percent but it definitely reduces the ache.

Oil included in the massage can also be an ingredient that soothes the senses with its smell. Choose your favorite essence and use a few drops on your when massaging.

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