Diabetes is spreading like wildfire throughout world. Medical experts have already warned that countries like USA, India and few European countries will see a massive rise in diabetes cases if immediate attention is not given to this killer disease. It’s time to pay heed and take measures at every level to check diabetes.

Bottom line is simple, just avoid excess of calories, junk and fast food, doing regular exercise and managing stress can go a long way in controlling diabetes.

Leading a healthy lifestyle has to be always paramount. One might feel that it is becoming a difficult task to achieve these days, given our fast-paced life and enormous individual stresses on all of us. Stress is a source of many physical illnesses, diabetes being one of them. Stress can precipitate diabetes in individuals who are otherwise genetically prone to it; stress can also worsen the control of existing diabetes.

Family history of diabetes in first degree relatives is the strongest risk factor. Obesity, lack of physical exercise, sedentary lifestyle are amongst the other risk factors.

Diabetes Symptoms

Excessive urination, Excessive thirst and appetite, Sudden weight-loss, A non-healing wound on one’s foot may also suggest presence of diabetes.

The commonest way to diagnoses diabetes is during a routine blood sugar check-up when one finds it to be too high. One needs to control diabetes though it scarcely causes symptoms to avoid its deadly complications such as blindness, kidney failure, limb gangrene, heart attack or stroke.

Control of diabetes today is to be seen as investment for future. The peculiar fact about diabetes is that on its own it does not cause any symptoms, but its complications do; but one must never wait till one gets these symptoms, because it may be too late by then.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet is the one that provides just enough calories for one’s day-to-day activities, has a proper mix of carbohydrate, proteins with less of oily fried stuff in it. Green leafy vegetables, salads should form an important part of the diet. Fortunately, healthy diet is the same for all common diseases and is the same for all individuals of all races and age.

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