Bollywood newcomer Ileana D’Cruz is the new sensation amongst fitness freaks. Admired for her role in latest Bollywood flick ‘Barfi’ she is also getting a lot of attention for her curvacious hot body.

Ileana D'Cruz fitness mantra

Ileana D’Cruz asks, “Do I look like I’m on a diet? The trick is to eat in moderation. I phase out the sweet treats; once every few months.” D’Cruz lost six kilos in two years. “Honestly, I started exercising only two years ago. I tried on a pair of shorts one day, and my dad pointed to the cellulite. That hurt my ego”. Ahh so that’s the inspiration behind loosing extra flab.

Fitness Mantra of Ileana D’Cruz for super hot body

Fitness is: I don’t complicate exercise. Do something you enjoy. Join a dance class, run by the beach, skip in your balcony. I have an aversion to gyms. I find them claustrophobic, and get dizzy on a treadmill.

Living in Goa made it easy to run by the beach; four kilometres, three days a week for three months. And the results were instant. I discovered that running was liberating. It eases your mind, and helps you bust stress. For me, interval training worked. I would sprint, then slow jog, then sprint again. The short high energy bursts accelerated calorie burning. On the first day on the sets of Barfi!, Ranbir (Kapoor) said I was the tiniest actress he had worked with. Producers are now suggesting I put on some weight, but I am comfortable with my body.

Growing up: I was a chubby child, but never fat. My siblings and I were always fit. I think it’s because we were encouraged to climb stairs, wash cars, and help with housework. People underestimate how strenuous domestic chores can be. Get on all fours and try mopping the floor. It’s one hell of a workout. I do it when my maid doesn’t turn up.

Living with injury: I injured my knee in 2011 while shooting for Nanban, a Tamil film. It was during a song sequence that I had to bang my knee on the floor. I pulled a thigh muscle. While the thigh healed, my knee was busted. It keeps acting up, so I can’t run for more than three kilometres twice a week.

Exercise of choice: Running also gifts you chiselled cheekbones, which don’t always look good on screen. So, I alternate running with other exercises. I swim twice a week, and can manage 100 laps. I alternate between the breast, back and butterfly stroke. The combination helps tone my chest, inner thighs, shoulders, buttocks and arms. I am a bit of a cheat. My physiotherapist has advised me not to stress my knee, but I always carry a skipping rope on outdoor shoots.

Diet rules: I love to eat. If I am craving cake, I’ll have it. But I make sure I don’t overdo it. Sugar can boomerang in a bad way. I have four to five small meals a day to keep my metabolism going. I stay away from burgers and pizzas.

On my plate: I don’t believe in crash dieting. I start my day with a big breakfast — a fruit juice followed by two poached eggs with two slices of whole wheat bread (toasted), an hour later. I finish it with coffee with a hint of milk.

Between lunch and breakfast, I sip on coconut water or sweet lime juice. Lunch is at 1 pm and includes two chapatis, chicken or fish, and a vegetable such as cauliflower. And of course, there’s daal. I’m not fond of rice. In the evening, I have tea and a khari biscuit. Dinner
is same as lunch. My mom cooks most of the time; I’m only good at baking. The first thing I have to do once I move to Mumbai is find a good cook. I wish my mum could move too, but she has three other kids to look after.

Cravings: Rasagullas, rasmalai and dark chocolate. They were the reason behind my sudden weight gain two years ago. I was shooting for a film in the south, and there was this amazing mithaiwala close to the hotel where we were put up. Every evening, my mum and I would walk down and buy a box of assorted mithai.

The body I admire: Deepika (Padukone) looked fabulous in Cocktail. That she has added some curves makes her look all the more gorgeous.

Weaknesses: None. I am a toughie.