Part of the process of falling in love is finding a lifestyle that will work for you and your partner. This includes finding an apartment or home together.

When the time comes to move in together, it can be both exciting and scary. Combing spaces means learning more about your partner’s habits, organization, style, and day-to-day routine. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, you’re going to want to find a place that meets both your needs and some of your wants.

Of course, this means compromise, but what else should you consider while hunting for the perfect place and moving in together?

Whose Furniture Stays, Whose Goes?

While this may be obvious to some couples, for others this can be a point of contention. Many people are comfortable with the furniture they bought, picked out, or inherited. But what do you do if your significant other’s furniture is just plain ugly, uncomfortable, or a bad fit for your new place?

The first thing you will want to do is talk to your partner about why he or she is so in love with that chartreuse easy chair. If it’s because it was their late father’s, well you may not want to chose that battle. But if it came from their frat house or the curb, you may never want to sit on it again.

If the furniture item isn’t to your taste, that’s ok. That’s part of compromise, but you should have a discussion about it before putting your foot down. Your spouse may even be ok with selling the item or donating to a secondhand shop or charity.

You can also decide on furniture by room. You may have a matching bedroom set that would work great in your new apartment, while your beau’s office furniture is stylish and comfortable.

Pets are a Deal-Breaker

When it comes to your cat, dog, rabbit, or fish, they are more than just a pet, they’re family. The same goes for your spouse. You should always take your spouse’s pet into consideration when shopping for a place. 

Only look at pet-friendly apartments if your significant other has a cat or dog. If they have a smaller pet, landlords may be willing to work you in a home that wouldn’t normally accept pets.

You will also want to look at pet-friendly amenities and pet-friend surrounding locations. Make sure if you’re going to live with a dog, that there is a convenient spot nearby to walk it. Many apartment complexes have dog parks and even dog spas. These perks can be a perk to your relationship if you use them as a bonding experience.

Finding pet-friendly restaurants and businesses can also help you settle into and explore your new neighborhood.

If you both have pets, make sure each has their own space to lie down. Your pets should also spend ample time together before becoming roommates.

Distance to Work: How Much Does it Matter?

Make sure where you choose to live works within your expectations for your commutes. You may find something that is convenient for both of you, but you may not. Keep in mind that if you’re renting, your place is not permanent. If you find the perfect place that adds five minutes onto your commute, you may not want to pass up the opportunity.

But if your partner isn’t willing to give up a shorter commute, you may need to compromise. Try to understand where they’re coming from, but also try to explain your perception as clearly as possible. It also is a good idea to write down your thoughts on each place you visit in order to share them more easily. This will also make a great reference after your ninth place.

Check Google Maps during rush hour times to see if there is a pattern of bad traffic nearby your potential place. If there is, share your discovery with your partner and factor that into your decision.

Getting your first place together is one of the most exciting and serious things you can do as a couple. This is a gigantic commitment and you need to take your time and consider one another’s needs and feelings. Pay attention and listen to one another to maintain a healthy, successful relationship.

When the time for packing boxes arrives, be patient. Nobody loves moving, but if you can make the process more fun and celebrate your spouse, you can make the process smoother for both of you and create memories that will last.