Summer break or midterm breaks can make your family want to escape the city and go for a family holiday to an exotic location. Taking your family out for every holidays can be very expensive on your pocket and may need you to devise strategies to plan cheap holidays or look for cheap destinations.

Depending on whether you have small kids or grown up adolescents, plan your budget and trip accordingly without burning a hole in your pocket.

When planning a cheap family holiday you should think wisely and plan your budget right to avoid any last minutes troubles, you should choose your destinations which are exotic yet cheap.

If you are planning a trip abroad, you can think of destinations where your currency conversion (exchange rates) can take the burn. In many Asian, African countries US dollar conversion (exchange rate) is many times more so you can enjoy a lavish trip without worry about the finances. Such holidays are truly more memorable.

  1. Plan in advance and book as early as possible. If you have experience with booking tickets online, you will see that the air tickets or travel ticket rates rise as the date grows nearer. Also rather than booking everything individually, you can always go through a travel agency to get a family package cheaper that your own calculation. Most travel agencies have tie-ups for certain amount of business every year or season.
  2. Look for cheaper destinations for tourists and family destinations. Try cheap beach locations rather than something like Paris or Dubai. Look for what is special about a place. Visit Dubai during the Dubai shopping festival when you can manage to get discounts on everything and anything. Look for locations like Thailand, or island locations that can be fun during the summer time and may not weigh heavy on your bank account.
  3. Make your travel cheaper when holidaying. Traveling to your destination may not always be necessary by air. Look for cruises which go around the Caribbean and offer the option of getting down at a certain mid spot.
  4. Also, book your hotels close to the spot you want to visit, to decrease traveling cost from hotel till there. Find out about appropriate tourist buses or local transport rather than hire a car everywhere you go.
  5. If you can plan in a group do so. If you have family friends or relatives who want to go on a vacation as well, plan together to get maximum discount on a villa or hotel bookings. This automatically cuts down on your cost.
  6. Plan your trip thoroughly. Consider that your family may shop or want to eat out every night. If your budget does not accommodate everything, cut down on cost here and there. Quit booking with a 5 star hotel and look for cottages and 3 or 4 star or smaller resorts which offer the same kind of luxury but in lesser the money.
  7. Take in to account the exchange rate. This is one important factor when you consider an international vacation destinatio. When calculating for your family vacation budget, calculate in their currency to get a fair idea where you stand and how much you can afford.

I would love to hear your experiences of cutting the travel expenses still enjoying most of your family holidays. Please leave me a comment and let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates.