new_homeAre you planning a new home or toying with the idea of renovating your present haven… well, here are a variety of decor possibilities that are sure to lure you into creating the ambiance appropriately to your style . You are a special person, and your home is haven that establish your distinct personality. The current trends in the interiors are towards the bold and the beautiful.

Accomplishing  a great decor is no doubt a specialty. And the key is that it must just be appropriate  to the ambiance  that you are out to create, bearing in the mind the selection and positioning of various elements that are generally classified as furniture, texture, color, pattern and form that ultimately guide you through. It is not definitely necessary to co-ordinate a scheme thorough the entire house, in the bedroom, right through the servants quarter. As usual there is no set rules when one is setting a trend, Just plan with flexibility.

The living room is the heart of your home – pay special attention to it. Buy area rugs rather than carpeting wall-to-wall. Looks trendy! Quilted bedspreads seems to be most popular option apart from area rugs and place mats. Choose accessories that can live over a long time. After all they don’t come cheap and are a sure fire way to express your personality on your guest. walls can have moods – paint is not the only option. if you are an art enthusiast, get an artist to do a large perspective painting (trompe l’oeil) on wall of the effect. Selection sis a fabric for the home is an extremely important factor to be addressed as you plan your home. Geometric and especially diagonally patterned fabrics  enhances the feeling of proportion in a room. This is done by using such fabric for window blinds, throw cushions, table covers and even as throws. Many a time they make a wonderful accompaniments as cushion covers as well.

Tough canvas, ducks , sail cloths and coarse cottons come in an variety of colors, hand painted or with especially printed designs. The material are excellent for a texture interest and a sturdy finish. Similarly, quilted fabrics make a subtle statement of elegance, whether flannels or tweeds, satins or linen weaves . have a collection of golfing hat? of family photographs? Of miniature paintings? Make  a group display on your walls for effect. There are about a billion little things to consider as you set up home. To make your new home a pleasurable lifelong experience, get it from the heart and chances  are you will never go wrong.

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