What you can’t miss at a birthday party: gifts! There is nothing better than being part of the joy of the little ones in the house, giving them the best toys on their birthdays. But everyone’s great concern always comes when it comes to buying them, because many times we don’t know if they will like them or if they are right for their age. That’s why we recommend some of the best options that kids are sure to appreciate.

1. Multicolor Lamp

Multicolor lamp designed with an automatic shut-off timer, which allows 955 minutes of configuration. It also has a remote control to make it rotate up to 360 degrees, control the light in different tonalities or select songs.

It brings twelve songs of light and pleasant rhythm to help the body relax and rest. Also, the lights project in different colors the marine world, the stars and the moon to help with the creativity of the little one says StoneFoot.

2. TTHO smart watch

This smart watch comes with a 1.44 inch HD touch screen and is compatible with a Micro SIM card. Its charging time is 1 to 2 hours and the battery life can range from 3 to 5 days. This model is available in blue and pink.

Among its functions are: calls, regular alarm clock, recorder, SOS emergency option, messaging, phone book, camera and music player.

3. Superhero costume set 

Children’s superhero costume set. The package includes four masks made of felt and elastic strap; and four layers of double satin that adjust to the neck with a Velcro closure.

It’s ideal for organizing your little one’s birthday party with friends or for them to enjoy on Halloween. It also comes with a temporary tattoo sheet and three sticker sheets.

4. Lamp with 3D illusion

This night lamp made from an acrylic base, comes with 3D visual illusion technology, with light thickness of 0.157 inches that is powered by a USB cable or three AA batteries.

It also has laser engraving so that the light image does not lose its color. And a custom configuration of up to eight color modes for Little Dolphin, seven monochromatic tones, and an intermittent mode so the child can sleep peacefully.

5. Princess Onmier’s Castle

Princess castle made of polyester and gauze material, and structured with PVC tubes with plastic connectors. It has dimensions of 55 by 53 inches with a hexagon design that provides more internal space. The package includes a portable bag for storage.

It is perfect for all girls who dream of being princesses, as they can create a cozy shelter to store all their toys and encourage imaginative play.

6. Exploration Kit

This children’s exploration set includes six interactive toys, including rubber binoculars, a liquid-filled compass, a rechargeable LED flashlight, a magnifying glass, a butterfly net and a travel bag.

It is undoubtedly an educational gift where the little adventurer can learn everything about orientation, map reading and nature, while having fun imagining and creating.

7. Crayola Drawing Light Table

This repositionable table allows you to create illustrations with light. It comes with a 35-piece kit including drawing and colouring pencils, effects spray, templates and a pink or blue cushion powered by three AA batteries.

It has an ultra-thin surface design to allow the bright LED pattern to facilitate tracing. It also has the option to track your content and then download images online.

8. Robot with motion command 

Remote control robot made of ABS plastic with rounded edges to avoid injuries.  It includes a rechargeable battery that can last 60 minutes of game and 120 minutes of load.  The package includes remote control and USB cable. 

It is a good playmate for children, and is that this toy is capable of exerting a set of movements introduced, among which are, sing, dance, narrate and walk.  In addition, it is equipped with illuminating LED eyes and wheels on the feet to improve their balance and dynamism.

9. Walkie Talkie game

These Talkie Walkie come with durable material and in a size ideal for the palm of the hand.  They have a frequency range of 400-470 MHz, and a dual FRS/GMRS service that can support up to 22 channels with crisp sound.  They run on four AAA batteries.

It’s a gift that opens up a world of possibilities for kids to enjoy their time outdoors, as it comes with a backlit display for better viewing in sunlight, and can span a reading range of up to 3 miles in the open.