Throughout the years of human existence, all cultures have put a premium on the celebration of marriage. We see that weddings are a milestone that people achieve when they are ready for eternal love. Marriage happens when we are at the proper capacity to live together with the person that we promise to share our whole life with. It is at this time that we say that we want to start our own family. No wonder that people spend millions to make this fantastic event perfect and dream-like. They even take on various themes that vary from the usual wedding, a wedding based on personal interests, to currently trending themes. If you want to take such a big step in making your wedding “your” wedding, then you can try experimenting with these themes, and see what’s best for you.

Sci-fi wedding

With the prevalence of gadgets and gizmos in this age of high technology, you can easily mimic a sci-fi setup for your wedding. This theme is especially applicable to those couples who grew up watching robots come alive in dystopian series in televisions. You can make your invitations digital and have a simultaneous live cast of your wedding via the internet. You can ask your tailor to customise the gowns and the suits with LED lights, if possible.

Safari wedding

Being enveloped by the natural beauty of nature and wildlife is a fantastic experience anyone can have. With your upcoming wedding, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of experiencing such as you can always employ a safari-themed wedding. You can hire a wedding photographer to have your and your family’s photos taken in the wild jungles of Africa if you have that big of a budget. If not, you can go to your local zoo and ask for the caretaker to allow you to take photos with their animals in captivity. Most of the time, to achieve such a safari look, couples take photos with lions, tigers, and macaws.

Horror wedding

To indeed be one of a kind, you need to have something up your sleeve that can truly shock your audience. Fortunately, you can shock your guests at your wedding by creating a horror-themed wedding. It is much like a Halloween party but includes the ceremony of marriage. You can ask your guests to dress up in their favourite fictional killer or supernatural being costumes. If you and your partner are the kind of people to go to the extremes, you can hold the ceremony and the reception at a cemetery or an abandoned building, giving your guests all the creeps. You can even hire a priest that practices exorcism, merely for the sake of the wedding.

Look for the best wedding photographer couples recommend who can offer you services including post-processing that can make your wedding photos seem more realistic, futuristic or fun, just the way you want them to be. Being married to someone you love is one of the best milestones you can ever encounter in your life. People make it a point to arrange their weddings as uniquely as possible.