slumdog-millionaireYou must have seen Slumdog Millionaire and the life they are living in countries like India (Asia) and Africa. They have shown the hope to become something took the lead actor to Who Wants to be a Millionaire show. Unfortunately not every kids living in the slums can go upto that stage. Though, lots of NGO are operating and trying to help them in any way they can but every street kids need a helping hand. They have lost their parents either in riots, famine or they are brought and sold to those who operate in child prostitution or beggary business. Believe me or not but only Mumbai, India have a beggary business of $2-10 million yearly. This money goes into the pockets of rich and affluent and the plights of kids remains the same.

Some Facts about the Street Kids (Slumdogs)

The 10 million street children of India is 10% of the world’s total and despite efforts by the government and many NGOs, the number does not diminish or their plight grow better. Poverty, abuse and frequently paternal behavior are catalysts that provoke children to run away from their homes and very often seek their fortune in urban areas. 25 new homeless children arrive in Mumbai station each day on the trains from the rest of India.

Where these Kids Ends Up?

  1. Abuse : Many of the street children who have run away from home have done so because they were beaten or sexually abused. Tragically, their homelessness can lead to further abuse through exploitative child labour and prostitution. Not only does abuse rob runaway children of their material security, but it also leaves them emotionally scarred. Many of the abused children are traumatized and some refuse to speak for months after being re homed.
  2. Health : Half of all children in India are malnourished, but for street children the proportion is much higher. These children are not only underweight, but their growth has often been stunted. Street children live and work amidst trash, animals and open sewers. Not only are they exposed and susceptible to disease, they are also unlikely to be vaccinated or receive medical treatment.
  3. Child Labor : Most Indian street children work. In Jaipur, a common job is rag-picking, in which boys and girls as young as 6 years old sift through garbage in order to collect recyclable material. The children usually rise before dawn and carry their heavy load in a large bag over their shoulder. Children that work are not only subject to the strains and hazards of their labor, but are also denied the education or training that could enable them to escape the poverty trap.
  4. Gender Discrimination : Gender Discrimination is evident and they are put in prostitution or rag picking etc.
  5. Poverty : Poverty dumps a crowd of problems onto a child. Not only do these problems cause suffering, but they also conspire to keep the child poor throughout his/her life. In order to survive, a poor child in India will probably be forced to sacrifice education and training; without skills the child will, as an adult, remain at the bottom of the economic heap.
  6. Homelessness : Homeless children have the odds stacked against them. They are exposed to the elements, have an uncertain supply of food, are likely miss out on education and medical treatment, and are at high risk of suffering addiction, abuse and illness.

Life of those childrens haven’t changed at all though, Slumdog Millionaire won many awards even the Oscar.  In order to change their life and give the NGO (Non Profit organization working to help these childrens) our helping hand we need to donate them, even a small amount will be a lifeline for them.

Would you care for these kids by donating a small amount?