baby high chair

Baby high chair is used when you are feeding your baby. Baby high chair will be used many times a day for few years adding up to roughly thousands of uses in a single year. Usually, while people think that High Chair is just a high chair but if you think wisely you will notice that you are using it more than you have imagined no doubt that you will be moving it, dragging here and there countless times. If your High Chair isn’t a good product you will have to purchase another or repair it due to bumps and bruises caused due to constant moving and dragging.

There are various highchairs available in the market and they claim in terms of durability, quality, features, style and most important safety. Here comes the important question, How to identify quality, durability and safety measures?

  1. There are some features that are important to look for in a highchair, such as height adjustment, reclining seat, durability and ease of washing. Here are few steps to ensure you buy the best High Chair for your baby keeping in mind that the high chair will be used for many times during a day for next few coming years.
  2. Neither you nor your baby wants to sit in an uncomfortable plastic seat so make sure there is padding. Also, the padding should be a washable material. It’s going to get very messy as the months progress, so you want something that can be wiped down with a cloth after each meal.
  3. Make sure you buy a highchair with wheels, this will help you crawl the chair from kitchen to dining room. It should also have break. Check the breaking system before buying.
  4. Look for a three point harness at the very least, but a five point harness is the best. Make sure the straps are washable because they can get very dirty.
  5. Look for a wider base which will help ensuring that the highchair is stable enough for your child. It also makes for easier cleanup after a meal. A broom should easily fit underneath.
  6. Baby have the habit of throwing food out from their mouth so make sure the tray leaves least amount of space between baby and you. High chairs with larger gaps are bound to get messy by the food thrown out by your baby.
  7. If you visit your family or friend too often then look for a highchair which can easily be transported and adjusted in your car. Look for a high chair with folding capabilities.
  8. Height adjustment feature in your highchair is a boon if you want to use it for a longer period. Check for height adjustment gears available with your high chair. When your child grows you can take off the tray and lift the table level.
  9. Look for reclining feature in your high chair which makes easy to feed cereal and jarred baby food to your baby.
  10. Finally, look for style and other accessories along with the basic features mentioned above. While buying don’t go for any feature which may not be safe for your baby. SAFETY is the utmost important factor before considering any high chair.

Did we missed anything? Please leave us a comment and share your views and experiences of buying baby high chair.