When you become a couple, there is one landmark that is both more exciting and more terrifying than any other: your first couple’s holiday. We have all heard that holidays can be the making of a relationship, however, it is no secret that couples holidays can lead to unnecessary stress and pressure if not planned well. Read below for some tips on planning the perfect couple’s holiday.

Where Should You Go?

  • Mallorca is a picturesque island off the coast of Spain, which combines both romantic views with vibrant and bustling towns. There are many places in Mallorca where you can get the romance flowing, from sandy beaches to mountain peaks which more adventurous couples can explore.
  • The French Riviera has been romanticised since it was frequented by famous writers and artists in the pre-war years. However, this is for a reason, and the French Riviera is home to exciting and beautiful promenades along the coast, as well as small port towns and pristine beaches. Whether you want to see the villas or visit the museums, there is something to help every couple relax and detox from daily life.
  • Prague in the Czech Republic is one of the cultural highlights of Europe, with romantic riverside walks along the Danube and the Charles Bridge and an assortment of unique shops, cafes and restaurants to please the foodie of the pair. With its small parks and twisting roads, there is nowhere that gets the medieval romance vibe better than Prague.

Where Should You Stay?

  • Private villas are perfect for the couple looking for romance. Away from the crowds and the stresses of claustrophobic hotel apartments, private villas are perfect if you are looking for spacious accommodation which allows you to relax at your own pace. If you have been convinced to look at holidays in Mallorca, you can head online and find luxurious accommodation for your travels, with many options available including villas with private pools. 
  • If you want to relax by the pool with numberless drinks at hand and ensure that you are waited on hand and foot, all-inclusive holidays at resorts may be your style. By choosing a holiday package, you can ensure that you have paid for all your holiday before you leave the country, diminishing the stresses of arranging food and entertainment for the rest of the holiday.

How Should You Reduce Stress?

  • To avoid any unwanted stress, you should consider making a budget before your holiday and sticking to it. Not only will this mean that you do not find yourself short after your holiday, but this will also reduce the possibility of stress whilst on holiday that you may find leads to disagreements.

You should also make sure that you are able to plan your holiday in advance. Planning your holiday such as where you want to go, and the activities that you want to do will mean that you will not clash over arrangements once you are there, and will reduce the possibility of problems which could leave you feeling disgruntled.