Over the last several years, window shutters have increased in popularity. More and more people are choosing to add them as they realize that they not only look great, but they also provide several other benefits, too. If you are considering adding shutters to your home, whether indoors or out, this guide will provide you with pretty much everything you need to know.

Materials of Which Shutters Are Made

Shutters are made from several different materials. What type of material you need depends on where you are placing the shutters, either indoors or outdoors, and the look or ambiance you are hoping to create.  You also want to consider which type of material that will work best for the room you are planning on adding them to. For example, if you are buying shutters for the kitchen or bathroom, composite shutters would be most likely to be better than wood shutters because they can stand up to moisture better.

Here are a few of the main material choices you have when you’re looking for shutters.

Low-cost Vinyl

Vinyl shutters are a very cost-effective option. They are extremely durable and they won’t shrink or warp. Plus, since they are not painted, you don’t have to worry about much upkeep or fading. If you are looking for easy-to-maintain shutters at an affordable cost, then vinyl is an excellent choice.


Another popular material choice for shutters is the one that is made of composite materials. One example of a composite material would be faux wood. These shutters are made from treated wood and other synthetic materials. They look just like wood both at a distance and close-up. Faux wood shutters also a high level of durability in that they are water-proof, fade-and-scratch-resistant, and are not subject to cracking, warping or peeling due to their synthetic materials.

Traditional wood (hardwood)

In the past, wood was pretty much the only choice when it came to construction materials for shutters. This is why you generally see wooden shutters on historic buildings. And they are still a very popular choice today. Wooden shutters not only look beautiful, but they also allow for greater freedom of design.

Additionally, wood shutters can be treated and finished to help them stand up to the elements over time. They provide timeless beauty to almost any style house, inside and out.


Aluminum is yet another material that shutters can be made of. Typically, these are best for outside uses. They are long-lasting and pretty, as well as affordable and easy to maintain.

Handy Features

In addition to a range of construction materials, shutters also come in a large variety of styles, colors, stains, finishes, sizes, and textures. Plus also all sorts of unique features are available. Most shutters can be customized to fit any unique window shape, including arched and round styles, and they also come with different sized louvers and slats which allow you to easily control the amount of light, visibility, and even air flow when your windows are open.

There are also different styles as well. For example, bi-fold track styles with their hinged in the middle and open accordion-style are ideal for large windows and sliding glass doors. Bypass style shutters are great for patio or closet doors as the panels slide on a track and stack neatly behind one another. There are even half-height ones known as cafe shutters which only cover half the window. These work perfectly for privacy while still allowing abundant light into a room.

Many window shutters can be combined with other products, such as UV blocking film as well.

Benefits of Adding Them to Your Home

In addition to adding style and ambiance to a room, shutters offer many benefits. Here are just a few:

  • They increase privacy in your home, especially in rooms where the windows face the street or other houses.
  • They are energy efficient – shutters can help reduce energy costs by protecting against sun and heat in summer and wind and cold in winter.
  • They also offer light control that can easily be adjusted via the slats and panels.
  • When closed, they also offer a level of sound insulation by blocking out and muting outside noises.
  • They are low maintenance – curtains and blinds easily attract dust, and keeping them clean can be a hassle. Shutters just need an occasional wipe-down.
  • Shutters also help you save on lighting costs.
  • They make it easy to change your look – some types can easily be repainted.
  • Shutters add extra curb appeal to your home.
  • They are flexible enough to fit in with any kind of style décor, from farmhouse to the traditional to ultra-modern.
  • Shutters can also add to your home’s value.
  • They are a cost-friendly decorative option.
  • They are easy to customize in order to fit your needs.
  • Shutters come in a variety of sizes, style, colors, materials, and finishes.
  • They offer UV protection helping to prevent fading of your floors, walls, and furniture.

In Conclusion

Whether you add them on the inside or the outside of your home, window shutters are a beautiful addition that also offers an abundance of benefits. If you are looking for an investment in your home that will last for years and improve your homes curb appeal, perhaps shutters are the way to go.