If you love scuba diving and love to see sea animals, marine life and creatures you have never seen. Then here are top 15 scuba diving destinations for you. These amazing destinations will fascinate every one by providing amazing things every time you go under water. These destination differs from expert to novice category so choose wisely before planing your vacation. However, every diver favors his/her own diving spots but here is a list of most famous diving destination across the world.

1. Barrier Reef, Australia: It has the most beautiful sea life creatures like green sea turtles, dolphins, humpback whale and clown fish. Most popular amongst the following diving destination, it is so big that it can be seen from space.

2. Palau: Palau is famous for world war II shipwrecks and a superb diving destination in Micronesia.

3. Paradise Reef, Mexico: Paradise Reef offers more than 19 very famous diving spots. You can see a water with very beautiful fishes, lobsters and crabs. If you are lucky enough you may see “Splendid Toad Fish” reputed to live nowhere in the world other than Cozumel.

4. Bonaire, Venezuela: Best suited for underwater photography due to its cleanliness. It has an array of more than 86 diving spots to offer protected species of fishes and coral.

5. Utila, Honduras: Famous for its crystal water and 60 scuba diving spots featuring caves, harmless sharks and whales.

6. Bunaken, Komodo & Lombok Islands, Indonesia: Indonesia offers dives of everyone. It is the world’s largest archipelago containing up to 15% of world’s coral reef.

7. Vanuatu: Vanatu’s underwater comprises the collection of caves, swim-through, lava towers, wrecks, coral mazes, grottoes and overhangs.

8. Red Sea, Egypt: Egypt’s waters of read sea offers splendid seascapes, coral formation of reefs and various sea creatures.

9. Andaman Sea & Thailand: It offers splendid dives to explore reefs, wrecks, caves, open seamounts, tunnels and granite walls. It’s a paradise for scuba divers.

10. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: It has most fascinating diving spots covering marine life, various species, harmless sharks and Galapagos sharks.

11. Sipadan, Malaysia: Sipadan offers exotic species, reef fishes, hammerhead sharks and sea turtles.

12. Maldives: It offers freedom to dive inside and outside the atolls. If you are a experienced diver you can try diving inside channels. It offers spectacular sea life and various diving spots.

13. Cocos Island, Costa Rica: Cocos Islands offers superb diving escapes with sea life like whale, hammerhead and white tip sharks and other abundant species.

14. Belize, Caribbean: Belize Barrier Reef is comprised of 127 offshore cayes (islands). It has the best preserved marine ecosystems in the world. Belize is also home to the diver’s Mecca – the Great Blue Hole, where you can dive in crystal clear water and meet unique species of fish, including giant groupers, nurse sharks and several types of reef sharks such as the Caribbean reef shark and the Blacktip shark.

15. Andaman & Nicobar, India: Andaman and Nicobar Islands offers various see species and diving spots. Its safe and cheap.

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