loose weight by cutting soda from your dietWomen often look for tips to loose weight by simply cutting soda and sweetened drinks. As per American Journal of Clinical Nutrition a person pile up more than 15 pounds in a year by simply taking 12 ounces of sugar laced soda a day. We all know that resisting the tempting soda and artificial sweeteners is not going to be easy but a simple change in routine can help in loosing weight.
Drinking soda won’t give you satisfaction and get you full; in order to have a healthy life you have to opt for regular food. But when you eat you pile up extra pounds and extra calories. A US study revealed that artificial sweeteners creates cravings and can further lead to extra pounds under your belly.
It’s difficult to resist the temptation of soda but in order to loose weight you have to sacrifice this habit. Following are top  tips to leave soda and get fewer calories in your daily intake.

  1. – Have a glass of sparkling water, with lemon, lime, or even a piece of orange tossed in for flavor.
  2. – There is no substitute of drinking water. In order to quench your thirst drink a glass of plain water.
  3. – Try herbal tea’s (from Yogi Tea, Celestial Seasonings or Good Earth) in hot water for a couple of minutes. Then add a bunch of ice cubes. This is much more flavorful and satisfying than a soda.
  4. – Rather than ready made lemonades or orangeade, make your own. All you have to do is squeeze a lemon or two into a glass of water. You don’t even need to add a sweetener. Or take an orange and hand squeeze half of it into water. (Eat the other half.)
  5. – If you’re really adventurous and really want to get out from under your soda habit, drink a glass of green vegetable juice instead. (As you’ll notice, I’m not recommending fruit juice, but that can be quite high in sugar, too.)
  6. – Be daring and concoct your own blended goat’s milk yogurt beverage with cinnamon or nutmeg. Then, if you like, add a few strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries. (Don’t add too many berries, because even though you’re getting natural sugar from fruit, you don’t want to get too much.)
  7. – When you’re absolutely desperate and insist on having a soda, then share it with a friend so you get half the calories, half the sugar, and half the caffeine that you’d otherwise get.
  8. – If you’re just not ready to say no to soda just yet, then make yourself “earn” that empty-calorie, nutrient-lacking beverage. First take a walk for a half hour. Then jump rope for 5 minutes. Then drink a glass of water. Next, before downing that soda, chew on an apple, pear, or some strawberries, with a handful of almonds. By doing all this you won’t be in a mood now for a soda.

In the beginning it would be bit irresistible to give up a hoary habit of drinking soft drinks, sweetened teas, or sports drinks, rest assured that your life will be so much better just from saying no. Indeed, the benefits could be many just by following these simple steps. You may lose weight more readily, get more sustained energy, concentrate better, feel more even-keeled mood-wise, and even get a boost in your libido. So cut soda and other artificial sweetened drinks as a first step in the right direction.

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