skin-care-tips The skin symbolizes the beauty of a women. A healthy skin enhances the beauty and makes lot of head to turn again and again while a dull skin is not liked by anybody and creates a negative impression. Moreover, it also serve as a protector against the external world protecting you against the temperature, sunlight etc. Though despite skin care, skin gets weak and look dull due to daily wear and tear. Although, there is a great emphasis on looking beautiful, young and smooth still women sometimes don’t realize what they should not try with their skin.

This article summarizes few things to be avoided to achieve a healthy skin:

Avoid Squeezing, Popping of your skin

Squeezing ad popping the inflamed swollen pimples or goobers on your face or body part only make them  deeper leading to reduce healing thus leaving scars. Avoid squeezing and popping as much as possible and only limit them for removing blackheads and whiteheads.

Avoid Pre-tanning treatments in Salons

The tanning equipments used by the salons for pre tanning can causes burns as these instruments emits UV  rays. These UV rays are also responsible for causing premature aging, and skin cancers. Moreover these tanning instruments also damages your ski just like sun do.

Don’t Smoke

The nicotine present in the cigarettes leads to the contraction of blood vessel which in turns causes yellow coloration on skin and is responsible for early wrinkling..Moreover contractions of blood vessels also reduce the intake of essential oxygen by skin cells.

Do not take excess of Vitamin A

It is believed that Vitamin A is helpful in curing acne. But be very cautious you’re your vitamin A intake and make sure you take it from natural sources like  green leafy vegetable and veggies only. An excess of Vitamin A can cause many health problems as it can.

Usage of Topical Steroids On Face

Avoid applying steroids on a regular basis may be if you have itching also. Consult your doctor first and then use steroids as per the doctor’s direction. The steroids have rosacea and if used in high quantity causes skin thinking. So avoid as much steroids as possible.

Do not shave with Four-In-One Razor Blades

The four in one razors or the blades offering the closet shaves should not be used by people with  sensitive skins, acne etc. It is advisable to use single shave blade to avoid shaving bumps. Take it easy and let the hair grow then gently use single shavers may be once or twice as required.

Do not look in the mirror to a greater extent

If you are undergoing any kind of skin treatments for ex- acne/pimples excessive looking in mirror will leas to unrealistic flaws to you. It is best to stay clam and let the treatment work as it should be.

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